moreaboutcat Reader’s Survey 2015

In the lead up to my blog’s 2nd birthday which will be in a few weeks, I wanted to open up my first reader’s survey to gauge your thoughts on the blog as it is, and how it could be!
I have to admit, I am a teensy bit nervous about this, as I’m afraid I might not get any responses, or the responses might be bad! Still, if I do get some constructive criticism, it can only help!
The survey will take a maximum of five minutes of your time, and is really simple to fill out. It’s across a few pages, and will cover a bit about you, your blog reading habits, and then the final few questions will be your thoughts and feelings about moreaboutcat
The very last question (which is optional) will ask for any other comments – don’t be afraid to share any feedback that hasn’t been covered by the rest of the survey!

Alternatively, click here to take the survey.
I’ll be sharing the results and plan to start implementing any changes within the next couple of months!

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