Monthly Favourites: September 2015

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upping my game: on youtube. This month I’ve posted a few videos up on my Youtube channel and have even had a few comments! It’s nice to see the view counts creep up as well! I’ve written a few tips on starting a channel too if you want to check it out.

training: a newbie! So at work, I now have a fellow team member, so training them (and learning a lot from them too) has been a really positive experience.

watching: wet hot american summer. So I watched the film this month, as well as working my way through the Netflix series. I’m a bit ‘meh’ about it most of the time, despite the awesome cast. Paul Rudd’s face makes up for it though.

also watching: fear the walking dead, and malcolm in the middle! The former has been a bit…meh, but the latter has been amazing for ALL THE NOSTALGIA!!

preparing: for Rome! So last month me and Liam booked our holiday for Rome, and this month has been all about preparing for the trip. Travel insurance, booking tickets to the attractions and of course buying new clothes because obvs I need new clothes in such a stylish place.

celebrating: my brother’s birthday. We don’t always get along me and my brother, as we’re very different. However, you’ve got to try your best on a birthday. I even got him a really cool present because I am the best sister ever clearly.

daytripping: to Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Brighton… Despite being a relatively quiet month, I’ve made the most of the weekends with day trips with Liam or my Mum which have usually involved spending money I should be saving. Oops.

What have you been up to this month?

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  1. Jacquina Lee

    I am so conflicted about FTWD, I want to love it and i'm to intrigued as to how it all went wrong but it's been soooo slow so far haha. I have to stick with it though! x

  2. Samantha Betteridge

    How exciting that you're going to Rome soon?! It's somewhere I've not been but would absolutely love to go. I hope you have a great time x


  3. Emma Farley

    I'm a bit meh about FTWD too. I can't not watch it but so many of them deserve to be dead already. I'm rooting for Nick and Daniel- they're the only ones with any sense.

  4. Cat Fyson

    I know what you mean – it has so much potential but I'm really not 100% sold on it. The finale wasn't terrible, but it all felt like it was being deliberately slow throughout to build up to it. x

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