Monthly Favourites: October 2015

Lifestyle blog monthly favourites October 2015

WAIT A GOSH DARN MINUTE. How is October over already?!

visiting: Rome! This month was our adventure to Rome where we took in some sights, sampled some gelato and ate a lot of pasta and pizza. Read all about our Roman adventures here.

watching: The Walking Dead. YAY it’s back! The series has started with more of a bang than usual which is awesome. Hoping the momentum lasts because it’s so much more fun when it does.

being: pensive. Maybe it’s just that I’m fast approaching my 26th birthday which is next week, but this month I’ve been quite…thinky? Mulling things over, as you do. Perhaps next month will be a month of doing!

driving: …still. My driving lessons are going OK. I’ve come to the sad realisation that I don’t actually like driving, but I very much love the idea of the freedom it will grant me by having my own car so I’ll keep at it!

doing: my driving theory test. OK, so I failed by 3 points…but I did smash the hazard perception part!

listening: to ed sheeran. I seem to be completely obsessed with Photograph. It’s just so lovely!

burning: my rainwashed berry Yankee candle. Could I be any more of a blogger?!

enjoying: being tucked up in bed. When the evenings get darker and the weather gets colder there’s little better than crawling into bed early and watching an episode or two of Malcolm In The Middle.

buying: birthday and christmas presents! Yup, I’ve started the Christmas shopping already. Both my Mum and Liam have their birthday in December too so I try and start the gift purchasing early so November isn’t too expensive to get through!

booking: a trip to London. Yay! I mentioned recently we are going to the Crime Uncovered Museum in the first week of November and will no doubt also nose around London town.

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  1. Samantha Betteridge

    These are some lovely favourites! I love yankee candles too, they are just so perfect. Rome sounds incredible and I love that you've already booked a trip somewhere else, that's what life is about! xx


  2. Cat Fyson

    Thanks hun 🙂 Yeah, Yankees are pretty perfect! Rome was lovely, and although a trip to London will be less glamorous, I am very much looking forward to it! x

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