Monthly Favourites: November 2015

OMG IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! So what’s been aces about this month?
birthday celebrations: I turned 26 this month and was utterly, utterly spoilt. Read my birthday snapshots post here.

wrapping up: the temperature has taken a serious downwards turn now! I love wrapping up warm though, so bring it on. Although, if the single glazed window in my room could not let in quite as much of a draught, I wouldn’t mind that at all…
watching: The Office US. I’ve watched the first season before and struggled as it was just too similar to the UK version. However, as we got past that point I really began to enjoy it. Jim and Pam are my OTP. I’ve also been watching Master of None which is OK, but not sure I get all the hype! OH, OH! I completely forgot that I’ve also been binging Jessica Jones. Loved it. 
drinking: this month I drank the best darn praline hot chocolate I have ever had from the M&S Cafe and now I am campaigning for them to sell it in their shop. I’ve been settling with a Nutella hot chocolate, which as dreamy as it is is just not the same.
visiting: The Crime Museum Uncovered which was pretty interesting. Read my spoiler-free thoughts here
reading: more comics – well trying to! I got quite a few for my birthday and have a feeling it’s going to be the same at Christmas so I’ve got to do my best to catch up.
getting: into (and out of) the christmas spirit. I started my Xmas shopping last month as I have a couple of birthdays in December too. The spirit has been up and down because there’s only so many busy shops I can take before I kick off.
working: on my photography. I’m trying to take better flat lays for some of my posts and be a bit more creative about the photos I use. Hopefully it’s come across!
What have been your favourite moments of November?

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