Monthly Favourites – November 2014

So doing a weekly ‘Friday Faves’ was an absolute fail that lasted about 4 weeks. I love love love reading other blogger’s Friday Faves, but I just can’t get behind doing a consistent post every week.

So here’s me trying to do it monthly instead! But a little bit different too – instead of links and wishlists and whatnot, I thought I would just share a few of the favourite things I have been doing this month!

loving: my new job. It’s a lot more responsibility, and it’s just what I’ve needed. Plus, I finally have some disposable income to enjoy!

eating: ALL THE FOOD. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I following Slimming World. It’s a shame, but this really is the time of year to indulge a bit!

drinking: caramel hot chocolates. I can’t get enough of it, seriously. It’s a problem. But it’s OK, because I’ve been making a slightly healthier version.

celebrating: turning 25. A few weeks on now, I’m less worried about 25 being incredibly grown up, and relishing the fact it is still normal to wear Batman PJS and read comic books.

watching: The Walking Dead (it’s pretty intense this season, right?!), and lots of Dawson’s Creek…

listening to: Serial. This podcast seemed to appear out of nowhere and now so many people are loving it. I am trying to catch episodes on the way to and from work. Oh, and I’m still loving the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack. Cannot wait to rewatch the movie!

organising: Christmas shopping! I’m all finished now although I know I’m going to be tempted to pick up extra bits and pieces!

visiting: Bournemouth! We took a trip to Bournemouth this weekend to see some of Liam’s family…a post on this will be coming up soonish!

What have been your favourites of this month?

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  1. Lindsay McWilliams

    Happy belated birthday! I had a little bit of a freak out when I turned 25 but so many people have told me it's the best age and so far I agree! I've been watching The Walking Dead too and I was a little disappointed by this half season although the ending was something else! I'm so jealous of you having finished your Christmas shopping, I need to get on top of mine this weekend!

    Scottish Outlander

  2. Cat Fyson

    Thanks lovely 🙂 25 feels like a really 'grown up' age, but I'm still the kid at heart I was before! I liked the half season and was actually a bit disappointed by the mid-season finale. I am probably going to end up doing more Xmas shopping in the end! x

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