Monthly Favourites: May 2018

Oh May, you have been a rollercoaster for sure. I’ve had some tough times this month, but we’re here to chat about the highlights!

So what’s been majestic about May, eh? Here are my monthly faves in no particular order.

seeing: hamilton. You GUYS this show is incredible. Go read my spoiler-free review where I gush a bit about being a theatre nerd.

exploring: nature! We went on the hunt for bluebells, and after about 6 miles we finally found some. Read more about our adventure at Eartham Woods.

going to: my first blogger event in YEARS. I have no idea why it’s been so long since my last blogger event, but at the beginning of the month my local branch of The Body Shop held a VIP blogger event to launch some new products and it was a lot of fun!

trying out: all the body shop face masks. I was given lots of fab samples at the blogger event, and I’ve loved making a habit of slathering on a face mask at the end of the weekend. So far my favourite is the Ethiopian honey mask, but I still have a couple of others to try out! Oh, and while we are talking about TBS products, I am absolutely in love with the almond body yoghurt which I now use daily after a shower!

joining: the mom jean trend. Yeah, I know that I’m pretty late to jump on the bandwagon but hot damn, mom jeans are so comfy! I feel like I’m getting to “that age” where skinny jeans are coming out of my wardrobe circulation. My emo-teenage self would be so disappointed. Here are the mom jeans I got from M&S (they are still available in some stores and selected sizes have been recently restocked on the website)

doing: a car boot sale. I’ve needed some extra cash this month due to a slow down with the business (which is *fingers crossed* picking back up), so I did a car boot sale in Brighton with my mum. It was supposed to be sunny but it was FREEZING and although we did have to deal with some annoying people who tried to haggle way too hard, we still both made over £100 each and above all else, it was nice just spending time with my mum and having a laugh.

eating: apple slices. I know, I’m so rock and roll it hurts but I feel like my monthly faves are a chance to introduce things that will change your life, and one of those things is the fridge pack of Pink Lady apple slices you can get from good ol’ Sainsbo’s. Perfect for snacking on when it’s too bloody hot. Or y’know, popping into a glass of Pimms.

wearing: clothes I forgot I had. The good thing about the warmer weather we have had lately is that it’s forced me to delve deeper into the pit of my wardrobe to find clothes that I haven’t worn for ages (or at all). In fact, as I type this post I am wearing shorts that I bought over a year ago and shoved into a suitcase because of course, the weather changed drastically as soon as I handed over my cash. It took me most of the day wearing them to realise I hadn’t snipped out the tag though. Oops.

watching: thirteen reasons why s2. I wasn’t sure I was going to get into the 2nd season of 13RW because I thought they may just be trying to cash in on the success of the first. However, I was proven wrong and totally sucked into the story of s2. The show is so good, and Bryce is an evil asshole (played so so well by Justin Prentice).

making waves: with my business. It feels like after a very quiet March and April, things are maybe starting to move again this month. I think things are going to kick more into gear going into June and I have some rather exciting things lined up including a talk at my local college.

That’s it for May – like I said at the start of the post it has been a rollercoaster but I am all for celebrating the best bits and looking back with a smile on my face.

What’s been majestic about May for you?

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  1. June 3, 2018 / 4:49 pm

    Reasons Why S2 is on my to-do list; I just feel there’s SO MUCH to watch right now, it’s overwhelming!

    • Cat
      June 8, 2018 / 10:16 pm

      Oh god yeah, so many things! I just blasted through S1 of Queer Eye on Netflix which is one of those easy watching shows…perfect after 13RW!

  2. June 4, 2018 / 2:15 pm

    I want to watch Thirteen Reasons Why S2 but I was really nervous that it would be rubbish. Feel better about it now though – so will definitely give it a whirl. Glad things are picking up with the business – there will always be down times! But as long as they pick back up that’s all the matters really.

    • Cat
      June 8, 2018 / 10:17 pm

      I was nervous about the same thing but it’s really great. As with S1 there are some difficult scenes (and whole episodes) to deal with but it’s worth it. Thank you r.e. the business – the down times make the up times more rewarding I guess!

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