Monthly Favourites: May 2015

spending: too much! OK, so I had to dip into my savings a little bit, but I’ve bought some lovely clothes this month on a few too many shopping trips.
tracking: my activity. I got a Fitbit this month, so I could see how ‘active’ I am (or am not!), and to also track my sleeping as well as I always wake up so tired. Read my review here!
reading: stephen king. This month I picked up Mr Mercedes, a crime thriller from my favourite horror author. It’s really great! I’ve been reading it during my commute to and from work and it’s lovely to not have to rely on a 3G signal for something to read on the train.
getting: organised. I have a gorgeous desk calendar now where I plot all my blog posts. I’ve been ahead of the game for once and am able to schedule my posts so the pressure isn’t on to have something ready!

buying: new glasses. So some of the spend this month had to go on a new pair of specs. I’d had the same lenses and frames since 2007! How bad is that? I love my new ones though.

watching: the foxes. I’m loving observing the adorable fox family in the garden. The cubs are growing up so quickly, and they’re starting to get more energetic and ‘wild’ with their play fighting! Cute pics galore, here.

catching up: with Emma. I hadn’t seen Emma for a little while (we always leave it too long between catch ups!), so it was lovely to do a spot of shopping in Chichester and have a good ol’ chinwag. I’m still working on convincing her to start a blog!

filming: youtube videos! I finally took the plunge and started making Youtube videos. They aren’t too great at the moment, but it’s an awesome learning curve. If you want to see anything in particular, let me know.

binging on: netflix. So this month I finished Friday Night Lights and a rewatch of Season 1 of American Horror Story (it’s actually better on second viewing, I think!). On top of that I’ve started watching Parks & Rec from the beginning again, and will probably jump in to Season 2 of AHS soon.

finding: calmness. So on a couple of occasions this month, I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed. There’s no shame in that. I’ve genuinely found a lot of peace and a sense of calm in my mindfulness colouring book.

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