Monthly Favourites: March 2018

March is over you guys, and as per usual I legit cannot believe another month has flown by so quickly! This month was the one where I went on a Canadian adventure which has been in the pipeline for over a year, but some other pretty awesome things have happened to…

going to: Banff. Well, obviously we have to start with Canada! I’m planning to put together some travel posts about the holiday soon so stay tuned but long story short…I didn’t get on with skiing but I now want to be a professional musher after having a taste of driving a husky dog sled team. Also, I wish the Rockies were the backdrop to my everyday scenery tbh. Canada is beautiful, you guys.

celebrating: mothers day! I always love spending time with my Mum but this Mother’s Day was particularly special as my Mum really wanted to go to a singalong of The Greatest Showman and I was SO hyped. The other singalong I went to with Liam was fun but we were the only ones singing, whereas the one on Mothers Day was packed with fans of the film that didn’t hesitate to sing along! To cap it all off, me and Mum went for an afternoon tea on Worthing Pier afterwards and it was basically an awesome day.

also celebrating: six months as a self-employed person. Not even sure how it’s possible that it’s been six months already, but here’s a little post I did about the stuff I’ve learned.

got my nails did: for the first time. Yup, I’d never had my nails done before and the last time I wore polish on them was probably the scrappy black attempts when I was so #emo it hurt. I went for red this time, as it seemed suitable for the holiday.

mostly eating: m&s salted caramel and chocolate hot crossed buns. If you haven’t tried them you need to sort your life out cos HOT DAMN they are the best hot crossed buns you’ll ever put in your mouth.

also eating: a lindt easter egg. When you get old kids, you have to buy your own Easter egg and won’t turn your nose up at spending £6 on it if it comes with 3 mini Lindt bunnies.

mostly drinking: so much tea. Except in Canada where I didn’t drink a single drop…no idea why. Was probs too busy drinking hot chocolate at the ski resort tbh. But before and after the trip, tea was my everything. But that doesn’t really differ from every other month of the year tbh.

watching: parenthood. OK, so at first I hated Gilmore Girls, but grew to love it and to fill the hole once we had binged it all (plus the 10 years later show), we decided to get our Lauren Graham fix from Parenthood. A show about parents dealing with kids does not sound up my street at all but honestly, this show is genuinely fantastic.

also watching: jessica jones season 2. Unfortunately, this season was average at best (boo!), but I love Jessica’s character so much it was still enjoyable being back in her world.

coming up with: new ideas for my business. Stepping away from work for a couple of weeks was pretty scary but has also inspired me to think about things I want to do. The same goes for the blog and I’m hoping to find some time to create some cool

…and that’s what made March muchos magical. What were your highlights from the past month?



  1. April 3, 2018 / 3:04 pm

    Sounds like March was pretty marvellous! I’m so jealous that you got to give husky sledging a go, I’d love to try that some day. I wish I’d got a Lindt Easter Egg – it’s on my list for next Easter 😉

    • Cat
      April 3, 2018 / 6:03 pm

      I definitely can’t complain! I only got a Lindt egg because I got it myself lol, I was umming and erring over it then realised hang on a minute, I’m an adult so I’m going to get it x

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