Monthly Favourites – March 2015

Monthly Favourites Lifestyle March 2015

So I’ve got to admit – this has been the worst month I can remember. But you know what? That makes it all the more important to pluck out the positives in this month’s monthly favourites.

revamping: this blog!: Look at this lovely design I installed this month. I adore it. Go check out pipdig designs for some seriously beautiful and easy to install blogger and WP templates.

organising: my life. I’ve revived my beautiful red Filofax in a vague attempt to be an organised grown up. Let’s see how it goes.

watching: better call saul and the walking dead. I always enjoy having plenty to watch! The Walking Dead has not been the greatest season, but Better Call Saul is getting rather good!

eating: m&s toffee and chocolate hot cross buns. heaven in a hot cross bun.

spending time: with the family. Mother’s Day weekend was lovely as I got to spend it with my Mum and Nan. I hadn’t seen them since Xmas/New Year, so it was good to catch up at a less stressful time in the calendar! I’m also now back living with my parents which although not exactly the highlight of my month (quite the opposite…), it is obviously nice to be with my Mum and Dad more.

embracing: my petite stature.  I tried on some trousers from Next made for 12 year olds and they were the perfect length! Not a lot of breathing room around the belly, but they pretty much fit! Plus, they were half the price of ‘adult’ trousers…I didn’t buy them in the end, but I’ll know to venture to the kids section more often in the future!

reading: the art of being brilliant. I’ve mentioned this book before back in February, but I’ve really begun delving into it now, and I love it. It’s so accessible and makes some wonderful points about embracing how brilliant you are!

getting creative: with hobbycraft goodies! It’s pretty dangerous having a Hobbycraft close to work. The craft supplies are piling up and now it’s all about making something of them!

trying and failing to resist: the sales. I really need to unsubscribe from Dorothy Perkins emails…and M&S emails….and Clarks emails…

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