Monthly Favourites: June 2015

Monthly Favourites June 2015 UK lifestyle blog

watching: a hellova lot of Netflix! I’ve finished watching American Horror Story: Asylum with my Mum (yes really, I watched it with my mother…not awkward or weird at all), and I’ve also been watching OITNB season 3, of course. OITNB was a bit of a let down though…Oh and I’ve also been rewatching Arrested Development because it’s awesome.

eating: the best all butter belgian chocolate cookies from M&S. They make me feel horrific afterwards because I don’t know when to stop and eat too many! If you can exercise self control, then give them a taste.

wearing: ALL THE PRINTED JOGGERS. Also some unprinted ones. With that fleeting flash of lovely weather we’ve had here in the UK this month, I’ve been rocking amazingly comfy trousers.

meeting: the wonderful Amy from Fluffy Owl’s Adventures. It’s so lovely to meet a fellow blogger, and we clicked so well and chatted for hours at the Belle Isle in Chichester and sat in Priory Park with an ice cream and chatted even more!

discovering: my nintendo ds lite! I am now reunited with Mario Kart DS, and have also acquired Animal Crossing: Wild World. Bye bye life!

starting: a new job! I know right, so quickly? Sometimes you just know when it’s time to move on and start a new adventure. I’m now working for Leaders in their head office as a Digital Executive and am super excited to get hands on with some national campaigns.

being reunited: with my Mac <3. Doofus over here spilt a drink on her Macbook Air and had to wait a couple of weeks to have it fixed. I’m so pleased to have her back so I can blog properly and also try get some more videos done too!

getting: behind the wheel. It’s finally happening guys, I’m learning how to drive! I’m actually enjoying it more than I expected to, and my instructor is awesome.

enjoying: my new commute. Guys, I can walk to work. How awesome is that? After a few years of having to rely on awful trains, I can finally stroll (admittedly for 35 minutes…) to work in the morning and home at the end of the day. It’s felt pretty good when the sun’s out!

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