Monthly Favourites: July 2015

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The month’s are flying by, aren’t they?! It’s crazy how quick time seems to be zooming by. Here’s some pretty sweet stuff that’s made July jolly.

catching up: with an old friend. After some time planning, I finally got to catch up with my friend Matt who I used to work with way back when before Uni. We’d seen each other since, but it was still a good 4/5 years ago since we’d caught up! We’ve seen each other a few times now, including all-you-can-eat Chinese and a trip to the cinema.

learning: more about google analytics. That might sound incredibly yawnsome to some, but I love me some data. During quiet periods at work, I am watching Analytics Academy videos to brush up on things I know already, and learn some new nifty bits of GA. I’ve also started blogging a bit more about GA.

watched: the voices. Guys, this film is so great. If you liked the TV show Dexter then I highly recommend watching it. Here’s my review. I’ve also been watching the latest season of Bojack Horseman on Netflix. I’m already enjoying it more than the first season and there are *so* many guest stars voicing characters this season!

being: a grown up and doing jury service. doing your civic duty is pretty interesting (except all the waiting around)! It was a really interesting case too.

started: a doodle diary. I wanted something to do that was creative on a day-to-day, you can read more about it here!

continuing: driving lessons. Yep, still going with the driving! I’ve had good, and bad lessons this month but feel I’m doing pretty well at remembering those core routines and picking up on the gear changes too. It’s all a bit overwhelming at first, but I’ll get there.

getting: exhausted. This month there have been more nights than I’d like to admit that I have been in bed (and often asleep) before 10! I’m not a big coffee drinker either, but I’ve definitely relied more on the stuff than usual in July.

buying: more comics. I haven’t even read all the comics I’ve got and I keep buying more. That’s when you know you’re addicted, guys…

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