Monthly Favourites: February 2018

February sure flew by, didn’t it? Being such a short month (especially compared to January which lasts approximately 84594 years), February always feels a bit like a whirlwind. A good one though, overall. Here’s my highlights!

gearing up: for canada! OMG next month I am going to CANADA. I am a ball of excitement and nerves. I am so hyped to visit Banff but pretty damn nervous about skiing. I’m sure it’ll be fine and I won’t break any bones… *searches frantically for wood to touch*

watching: the superbowl. Tradition is tradition! I love watching the Superbowl with Liam and our good friend Ellie. I had a tactical nap before the game and ended up missing the kickoff but WHAT A GAME. So glad the Eagles finally wiped the smug look off Tom Brady’s face…

also watching: (more) prison break. We’ve just finished season 3 and although season 1 was infinitely better, I still love the characters so much that I can’t stop watching.

also also watching: punisher. We started watching this so we were all up to date with Marvel TV shows ahead of the return of my spirit animal, Jessica Jones. Punisher is better than I anticipated but I am so ready to see Krysten Ritter back in action asap.

celebrating: liam’s belated birthday. On the day before the Superbowl, we had belated birthday celebrations for Liam. His birthday is right before Christmas and so we (he) decided to have a Zac Efron Musical Day. We saw The Greatest Showman and all 3 High School Musical films…I had to bow out before Hairspray sadly though as girl needs her beauty sleep. Oh, we also had a Zac Efron birthday cake and cupcakes. Because, why not?

also celebrating: valentine’s day. We kept it really low key this year with a gift exchange and pizza. I bought Liam a Funko Pop of Michael Myers from Halloween as well as some Friday 13th socks. If that isn’t romance, I don’t know what is! His gift to me was a completely unsuccessful clothes shopping trip to Portsmouth – but I did then get to order some bits online instead.

visiting: Portsmouth. So aside from the fruitless clothes shopping trip, we did get to meet up with old friends from our Uni days for lunch which was really nice. I have a love/hate relationship with Portsmouth because it makes me feel old (I started my first year of Uni a DECADE ago…), but it is also where I met Liam so it can’t be all bad, can it?

eating: creme eggs. Crem or cream? That is the question. Did you see all that drama on Twitter? Clearly a cheeky PR stunt from Cadbury’s but I fell hook, line and sinker. Does anyone else start buying Creme Eggs the second they land in shops? Cos same.

also eating: pancakes. The highlight of every February has got to be Pancake Day, surely?

drinking: smoothies. Well, I’ve got to balance out all the chocolate and pancake eating somehow! I went a long period of time without smoothies and I kinda missed them. I blend up frozen fruit with almond milk and some almond butter and I have no clue if it’s good for me but it sure tastes nice.

building: the business. This month has been my best month so far and my freelance income alone for this month is so close to being what I earned monthly in my full time job before. I know it will change massively month from month (for example, in December I earned just £40 from freelance work), but I’m still pretty darn proud of securing all the projects I have this month.

going to: a sing along screening of the greatest showman! OK so me and Liam were pretty much the only ones who bothered to sing, but we had fun! I’m going to another one for mother’s day and I’m sure me and Mum will be belting out the tunes!

Phew, that’s enough for this month! What’s made your February fantabulouso? 



  1. March 12, 2018 / 4:20 pm

    Sounds like February has been a pretty good month for you! Really pleased that work is going so well for you aat the moment, hope it carries on.

    • Cat
      March 13, 2018 / 12:47 pm

      Thank you – here’s hoping!

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