Monthly Favourites – February 2015

Monthly Favourites February 2015

Oh hey, February! You really whizzed by us, didn’t you?

achieving: half a stone weight loss. Woohoo! Since joining Slimming World at the beginning of January, I got my first award, half a stone lost!

eating: easter eggs. I got a bit complacent after the above achievement, so got a bit carried away eating easter eggs. But they’re just so good!

playing: theme hospital. I discovered the site and downloaded Theme Hospital after so long believing it was only compatible on PC. Totally obsessed.

being: undecided. The weather has been playing tricks meaning we’re constantly having to adjust the radiator temperature. Spring is on its way!

filming: youtube videos. OK, so I haven’t quite made up my mind about doing my own videos yet, but me and Liam have been enjoying spending time together creating some for his channel.

photographing: with soft boxes. I’ve tried to find a bit more time this month to put more effort into my blog photography, particularly for product reviews. We’ve had soft boxes for a while and I didn’t really realise until recently how easy it is to set them up, and how good the result is!

reading: the art of being brilliant. This is a lovely little book all about being happy and remembering how brilliant you are. I definitely recommend it!

watching: friday night lights. So we started watching the show this month, and so far so good. The best scenes are when they’re playing American Football! More on that below…

also watching: the superbowl! We rang in February by watching the Superbowl with our friend Jack. I’d never watched it before and was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. I didn’t think I’d get into it (especially with it being on so late!), but the time flew by and I am looking forward to watching it next year.

celebrating: our love for pizza. Our version of Valentines day is to get each other a card and gift, and go out for lunch at Pizza Express. We stuffed our faces and declared our love for a thin and crispy base.

trying: a new hair style. So I’ve had some length lopped off my hair again as I always like it more when it’s around shoulder length. I’ve also decided to *finally* start growing out my fringe. I tried when I was about 15/16 and eventually got it cut back in, but I’m hoping I’ll stick to it this time!

visiting: the hospital. I actually hate hospitals, but after a year and a half waiting, I finally got to see a specialist about the problems I’ve had with vertigo. Read more about it *here*.

drinking: all of the tea. I feel like this month I have drank more tea than is considered normal. But I am British, so I guess it makes sense.

learning: project management. I went on a 2 day training course for work and absorbed so much info! Now just to start putting it in to action.

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  1. Sarah

    I'm with you on the Easter chocolate, I've eaten so many mini eggs it's stupid even though I'm meant to be watching what I'm eating too lol. x

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