Monthly Favourites: December 2015

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December is always a crazy month for me where I often feel rushed off my feet. It’s a month filled with birthdays (OK, only 2 but the 2 most important!), and of course the mad rush that is Christmas. It may get crazy busy, but it’s ultimately my favourite month of the year.

eating: way too much. Every December I overindulge myself with mince pies, cheese, chocolate etc etc and make those typical plans to get healthier in the New Year. It worked at the beginning of this year when I rejoined Slimming World, so maybe it will again in 2016?

watching: Star Wars. I’m not the biggest fan of the Star Wars movies and ultimately feel pretty indifferent about them. However, The Force Awakens was so much fun – it made me laugh, I almost cried…it was great. Three cheers for J.J Abrams for nailing it! Sidenote: BB-8 is the cutest and I want one.

also watching: The US Office. So me and Liam are still watching this at the weekends when we see each other, and during the week I’m resisting the urge to carry on watching. I lovelovelove Jim and Pam and definitely prefer the US version to the UK one (which is also great, but the US version is hilarious).

celebrating: birthdays. So, the 2 most important birthdays for me are my Mum’s and Liam’s. Both sit in December. Mum’s at the beginning, and Liam’s just before Christmas.

also celebrating: Christmas! Because duh, it’s Christmas. The best holiday of the year.

seeing: old friends. Liam hosted a little reunion with some pals from Uni where we played board games and he made a 3 course meal which was aces. We started with baked camembert with chorizo and I’m still dreaming about its creamy deliciousness.

listening to: Sia. I love her. Chandelier has to be my favourite, closely followed by Big Girls Cry.

passing: my theory test! Second time lucky, huh? I felt much better about it this time. My driving is also getting better so 2016 is going to be the year I pass that…I hope!

What’s been rocking your December?


  1. Natasha

    Well done on passing your theory! I’m hoping to pick up my lessons again in 2016 – it’s the next achievement I need to unlock! I’ve still yet to see the new Star Wars film but BB-8 is the cutest droid – I’m hoping I can see it soon-ish before it becomes impossible to dodge the spoilers. Happy New Year and all the best for 2016! – Tasha

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      Thank you! I was so relieved passing it second time. I am starting to kinda enjoy the lessons again now I feel it’s actually going somewhere, but terrified of the practical test when it finally comes to booking that (probably in a few month’s time). Star Wars is fab, you should definitely go see it ASAP! I’m amazed you’ve continue to dodge the spoilers, but it’ll be worth it x

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