Monthly Favourites – December 2014

travelling: to Italy. December marks the month I first travelled abroad, alone. Yeah sure it was a business trip, but I still pigged out on plenty of local deliciousness!
celebrating: My Mum’s birthday.  With a trip into Chichester for you guessed it, ALL THE FOOD, at Bill’s. 

(still) watching: The Walking Dead. And holding back the tears over that mid-season finale. Oh, and we’ve watched loads of Dawson’s Creek again. So basically more of the same from last month!

stuffing: my face. December is always my most indulgent month.

listening to more of: Serial. The series has finished now, so eagerly awaiting the next story!

finally: getting that all important hospital appointment. After much stress, I finally have an appointment to see a specialist doctor about my Labyrinthitis. So relieved.

wrapping: presents, of course! December marks the birthday’s of 2 very special people in my life – my Mum, and Liam. So lots of wrapping on top of Christmas goodies!

chilling: with my homedog. One of the many highlights of visiting home over Christmas is cuddles with Domino. It was our first Christmas without our other dog Zoe who passed away back in March, so it was sad too 🙁

making: plans. In late November 2015 I am determined to go to Bruges and visit the Christmas markets. But shorter term, I am definitely hitting some of the sales! Both of these plans involve spending more time with my friend Emma, so looking forward to that 🙂

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  1. Lotty Marie

    Glad you finally have an appointment, Labyrinthitis is no fun,Like being tipsy without having the fun of actually having a drink! Happy new year Lotty

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