Monthly Favourites: August 2018

monthly faves august

WTAF IT’S THE END OF AUGUST ALREADY. Where is this year going?! Plz slow down.

Let’s chat all things good about this month, shall we?

booking: a holiday! In fact, as you read this post, I’ll be sunning it up in Dubrovnik. We really *need* a break, so booked a bit of a last minute adventure to Dubrovnik, aka Kings Landing. We are doing a Game of Thrones walking tour, plus we have a few other plans to make the most of our time…but the main plan is to ~relax~ and enjoy some time away together.

finishing: the greatest showman dance class. I had a great time enjoying something I was rubbish at and just letting loose! I’m sad that the course is over, but it was great seeing the whole routine come together in the end. I’ve forgotten it already though.

watching: prison break. Lol, I know. We still had the last season to watch which came out last year. It’s so silly but great.

also watching: last chance u. If you haven’t seen this documentary on Netflix about junior college American football, you NEED to. We spent this month watching season 3 and it was great! Season 1 and 2 were slightly better, but all of them are well worth a watch.

spending time with: my mum. Mum came down to Chichester one Wednesday afternoon and we went for brunch and to mooch the shops. Oh, and one weekend I decided to treat my Mum and Dad to a posh pub meal just because. It was lush.

celebrating: my “handing in my notice to go part-time” anniversary! When I decided to leave my job, I offered the alternative of working part-time, remotely so I could give the whole freelancing thing a go! In September, I will be celebrating one year as a freelancer!

booking in: some exciting post-holiday work projects! Although August was a little on the quiet side for work (it was expected), it’s a relief that at the tail-end of the month I’ve had some bits and pieces booked in for September. It makes the expense of buying things the for holiday that little bit less stressful.

going to: the gym. I’ve been ~slightly~ more consistent with my gym trips this month. Sure there may have been a week when I didn’t go at all, but most weeks have involved 2 gym sessions which is good going by my standards. My cardio is slowly improving again as well!

visiting: my old workplace. Well, technically I still work there part-time but as I now work from home, it’s nice to go in and see the gang every once in a while! I spent a half-day there recently for a staff meeting and a picnic lunch and it was lovely playing catch up (and fussing all of the dogs, of course)

getting: my nails done. It seems to have become a holiday tradition now to get my nails done! I don’t have them done regularly because I tend to just cut them back and leave them be, so it’s a special treat to get a professional involved to make them look pretty!

So what was awesome about your August, and do you have any exciting September plans?


  1. jo

    Congratulations on your one year freelancing anniversary and enjoy Dubrovnik! I’m not doing that much in September other than a little trip to Poland but next month I start a 3 month solo-travel trip so I’m just working on pretending to be brave and totally unfazed by it when in reality I am terrified…fake it til you make it is my new life motto haha.

    I feel you about the gym, I want to go for how I feel afterwards but I don’t like the whole process of actually moving haha.

    1. Post

      Thank you Jo – my trip to Dubrovnik was amazing 🙂 I hope you enjoy Poland and your solo travel trip…how exciting! I’m sure it will be scary at first but you’ll settle into it and have fun. x

    1. Post

      I know, right?! Crazy! Not sure I’d say Prison Break is the best I’ve watched lol, but very entertaining!

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