Meze Meze Restaurant, Lancing

meze meze restaurant lancing meat
greek meats, salads and dips

lancing restaurant pitta bread with dips and vine leaf

meze meze greek salad
I’ll be honest – I wouldn’t really rank Greek food in my top five cuisines. But following a trip to Meze Meze in Lancing earlier this week for my Dad’s birthday, I might have to reconsider.
I went into the authentic Greek restaurant with the plan to get a lamb kebab, plenty of tzatziki and maybe a dessert. This plan soon changed when we all decided to give the Meze sharer a go. 
For just under £19 per person, you get ALL OF THE FOOD IN THE WORLD. Honestly, the dishes just kept coming. From homemade pitta with tzatziki, hummus and taramasalata, to an absolute feast of meats including chicken, lamb and sausage – we ate like kings. That’s even without mention of the dreamy salad that I ended up also having for lunch at work the next day. 
The highlights were definitely the warm pitta, dipped in salty tzatziki, as well as the braised pork…MY GOD, THE BRAISED PORK *drools a bit*. The only dish I wasn’t keen on was the lamb, just because I wasn’t a big fan of the herbs and spices it was marinated in. Everything was cooked beautifully though and the meat just fell apart.
The restaurant is quite small, but I was still surprised that it was just the one lady serving us, and the other 3 occupied tables. I’d be running around like a headless chicken! Not only was she calm, she was incredibly friendly and chatty too. She even gave us each a shot of Baileys to finish the meal, and boxed up the food we’d left over (there was loads left and we didn’t want it to go to waste!).
If you do ever happen to be in the Lancing area, I highly recommend giving Meze Meze restaurant a try. There isn’t a huge amount of parking outside it, but we managed to squeeze into a spot literally in front of the doors. Also, because it’s quite small it’s well worth booking a table to avoid disappointment!

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  1. Ella WH

    I wouldn't rank Greek food with my favourite cuisines either but I do love a good mezze restaurant. ALL THE FOOD IN THE WORLD = AMAZING!

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