Having a very Merry (mini) Christmas…

Christmas celebrations with a partner

Ever since me and Liam first got together, we have always celebrated Christmas Day separately with our families. We have our own family traditions so we spend it apart, but on the 22nd December (the day after his birthday), we always have own our ‘Mini Christmas’ where we exchange gifts and cook a meal together.

I’m not sure how ‘normal’ it is for a long-term couple to spend Christmas apart, but we like the way we do things and mini Christmas gives us the chance to have pancakes for breakfast, take way too many photos of us showing off the presents we got from each other, take a nap from all the excitement, binge watch The Office, cook a roast and watch Die Hard. Well, at least that’s how things have gone this year. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

christmas presents from partner

This year I was spoilt (as always) with some great presents that included several comic books and Funko figures (including a SDCC exclusive Game of Thrones Iron Throne OMG). I think we both buy each other the nerdiest of gifts, because his presents also included Funkos, a Lego Superman keyring and a comic book all about films. It’s awesome to be able to buy each other stuff that no one else would think/know to buy as it means a steady stream of surprises every year!

I am well and truly feeling in the festive spirit now, and am looking forward to Christmas round 2 with the family on Thursday! Just one more day of work and a driving lesson to get through tomorrow, then it’s all about the mince pies and pigs in blankets.

Do you have a separate Christmas with your partner, or do you spend it together with your families?


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      Cat Fyson

      Thanks hun! Hope you have a lovely Christmas too (I’m hitting the Worthing shops for last minute bits tomorrow so wish me luck!). x

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