Meet My Sock Monkey

On Saturday, me and my friend Emma made sock monkeys! You may remember a few weeks back as part of the 52 Lists Project I mentioned that Emma was going to teach me how to use a sewing machine. Well, we decided to start our crafting venture with some hand sewing instead. 
We wanted something quite simple to create, but of course it had to be adorable too! So sock monkeys it was.

I have to admit, it did actually take a lot longer to create this little guy than I expected. I thought maybe a couple of hours at the very most? It took us at least 3! I guess it’s to be expected by crafting novices that we are going to take a while to hand sew anything!

Anyway, we followed this tutorial from The Stitch Sharer which was pretty great. The only change I would make to this tutorial is to use the toes of the sock, instead of the heel as the mouth. It created a much better shape in the end!
I’d also say that it’s worth stitching up the individual parts (arms, tail, mouth, ears) before stitching them to the body – it just makes attaching them so much easier and keeping the stuffing out of the way!
Despite my little guy being pretty cute, I know where I made my mistakes. First of all, his monkey crotch (ahem) wasn’t stitched particularly well as I should have turned in the seam slightly before sewing. Because I didn’t, it just looks rather messy down there. Poor guy. 
You’ll also notice from the photos below that the monkey is boss-eyed. I was hassling over the embroidery thread and it ended up making the eyes unequal. Again, poor guy. 
He also has mismatching ears and a slightly floppy right leg due to my stuffing skills leaving a lot to be desired.
But despite his flaws, I’m still beaming with pride that I actually managed to make something a little bit crafty.
So what do you think? I still need to come up with a name for him so let me know suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Hi Amanda,

    We actually hand-sew these monkeys – I will eventually learn to use the machine though!

    He is very sweet, and I'm still rather proud of him! x

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