Me & My Mac (Macbook Air Review)

Macbook Air Review - 13 Inch

Yep folks, that’s right – I have become an Apple fangirl. First the iPhone, then the iPad Mini, and now the Macbook Air!

For a year I had a high spec Sony Vaio with Windows 8.1. It lagged, a lot. In fact, it was hopeless considering its cost. It has now found a new owner who is willing to adapt to Windows 8, and I am now much happier as a slave to Apple.

Macbook Air Review

I wanted to write a short review of my experiences, just in case anyone out there was like me and wanted to make the switch from Windows to Apple. It felt a bit daunting at first, as it’s a big investment (even if it was an incredibly generous birthday gift). However, a few weeks in to owning it and I am incredibly happy.

The laptop I opted for is the 13 inch Macbook Air. Downscaling screen size was much easier to adapt to than I expected, and the light weight of the Air is dreamy.

Mac Book Air review - size
But how does it perform? Pretty damn great so far. I use it mostly for blogging, with a bit of Photoshop for editing photos. I’m also going to eventually be branching out to use iMovie for videos when I finally put my Youtube hat on.

When initially uploading my first batch of photos from my DSLR, it did take some getting used to having everything open in iPhoto. I like to save everything to folders and then edit and filter out the bad shots, which is still possible but done in a slightly different way.

Macbook air review for bloggers

Another benefit of the Mac has been that it is lovely and quiet – no frustrating hum from becoming too hot or trying to load programmes. When you do want sounds (music, videos…), the audio is really impressive considering the size of the unit. The Vaio boasted about it’s ‘great sound performance’ and never lived up to it – so it’s a relief to finally have a system which actually works well for when I’m in the mood to listen to some tuneage or watch James Franco and Seth Rogen interviews.

Of course, it is still early days and there is always the possibility that problems will arise – but so far I am definitely a happy camper. I will be investing in Apple Care once my current warranty runs out, just for peace of mind really!

If you have any questions, or are considering getting a Macbook Air (or maybe you have one already and have some recommendations!), let me know in the comments below!


  1. Cristina

    Great review — once you go Mac, you never go back 😉 And I agree about the sound quality, it's impressive considering it's "only" a laptop!


  2. Cat Fyson

    I definitely don't see me going back! I was really surprised by the sound quality, it's awesome. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 x

  3. Lorilee E

    I want a macbook air so bad! I have a white macbook from the dark ages, it still works and imovie is the best. It doesn't do the fancy stuff that the new macbooks do like your one, but I love it nonetheless. So pleased you are part of the apple family, my boyfriend keeps saying how much he dislikes them. I think it's just down to the cost really.


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