Lovers And Madmen

Batman Lovers and Madmen review

How cool is that as a title for a Batman vs Joker graphic novel? I was instantly drawn to this issue hook line and sinker. The title is awesome, the cover artwork is cool but best of all (having finally read this graphic novel after owning it for several months now) the story is pretty amazing too.

So as not to give too much away, Lovers and Madmen is basically about Batman becoming aware of the Joker for the first time – the clown prince of mayhem begins wrecking havoc, just as our Caped Crusader thought that he had well and truly cleaned up Gotham’s streets.

The Joker, or ‘Jack’ as he is known for the majority of this tale, is stuck in a rut of boring organised crime, until he is inspired by the Bat to become who he really is – a lover of chaos and disorder. Jack transforms into the Joker both mentally and physically and the showdown between the two ‘madmen’ is my absolute favourite part of this issue. The Joker gives Batman a very difficult choice to make where casualties are inevitable.

Another interesting dynamic explored in this issue is the prospect of Bruce Wayne falling for a woman and how he deals with balancing his secret vigilante life with his dating life – not too well it appears. We also get a great nod to another key character in the Batverse, but I’ll keep that one under wraps…

Have you read Lovers and Madmen, or can you recommend the next graphic novel to purchase? Next on my reading list is Faces of Death from the Batman Detective series – looking forward to it!


  1. Chris Cooper

    I thought it was alright when I bought it a few years ago. I prefer Joker not to have an origin so it's not my cup of tea , but I can see why you dig it.
    Other graphic novels?
    1. The Long Halloween. Awesome Batman story set over the course of a year.
    2. Watchmen.
    3. Scott Pilgrim Volumes 1-6.

    All rather different but hopefully you'll like them!

  2. Cat Fyson

    Hey Chris – cheers for the comment and suggestions! I quite like a good origin story and this ticked the box for me 🙂

    My other half has just bought The Long Halloween so I'll certainly be reading that at some point. I've not yet been tempted by Watchmen or Scott Pilgrim but I may have to give them a go. Next is a random one called Severed which I bought a while ago, a horror rather than a superhero one (you've gotta shake it up sometimes!)

  3. Charlotte | Charlotte's Web

    Well, I clicked on this expecting something about January Jones and Jon Hamm, but Batman is just as good 😉 I've never been that into comics, but the superhero ones are definitely appealing (and I've been known to read manga from my old housemates collection whenever I'm at a loose end) xx

  4. Cat Fyson

    Lol, bless you. I only got into comics this year, they're a great read if you like a good snappy storyline! I've not ever read any manga, but Liam has Death Note which I'm sure I'llg et round to reading! x

  5. Angela

    I'm not sure I've read this one, actually.

    I'd recommend The Black Mirror (Scott Snyder & Jock), and also The Court of Owls by Snyder and I forget who was on art. Both awesome story arcs.

    I would also recommend Fables by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham. Bucky is such a sweet guy and always remembers you at cons. Fantastically detailed con sketches, too!

  6. Cat Fyson

    If you haven't read it, you should definitely give it a go – it's great! Black Mirror and Court of Owls are both on my list, but I'm slightly paranoid I might over do it with the Batman comics so will be trying something new for a bit.

    I've seen Fables in my local Waterstones and it hasn't previously appealed to me on looks alone, but will have to do a bit of research 🙂

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