#BloggingBlab – A New Live Stream For Bloggers!

Live stream bloggers chat

So guys, I’d like to try something a little bit different!

One of my hopes for blogging in 2016 is to allow bloggers to share their skills a bit more and be able to support each other, particularly with the more technical stuff that we sometimes struggle with. I also think with the forever-growing list of Twitter chats, we need a new medium to engage with the community.

That’s why I’m starting a new and very different chat on Blab called #BloggingBlab! This will be a weekly occurrence (assuming people turn up, fingers crossed!), and it’ll be an hour long live stream bloggers chat and text chat. I’m hoping to be able to record it too just in case you can’t make it.

What is Blab?

Blab is quite a lot like Periscope, but multiple people can video chat (up to 4), and there is also a text chat with unlimited participants. You can read more about how Blab works here. The best part is, you can login via your Twitter so no need to set up another account if you don’t want to!

It’s the best of both worlds – video if you want to get involved, as well as text if you’re a little bit shy ;).

How will it work?

Once a week, the chat will take place for one hour between 8-9. I will tweet out the link to the chat in plenty of time so you can Subscribe and be reminded of when to arrive! As only 4 people can be on video chat, I will keep the ‘seat’ open for 3 more people and we can alternate throughout if other people fancy getting involved! If you don’t want to come on video, that’s fine as you can take part in the text chat.

What will we talk about?

Each week, we’ll have a topic but I’ll try and keep it as flexible as possible! I will come up with a few questions/ideas as prompts, but any other questions are welcomed. It would be best to still keep any questions closely tied to the theme if you can so we don’t end up chatting too much about future topics!

The idea is that we can support each other, and have a natter about all things blogging! Whether you have an SEO query, or even just want to ask opinions about something to do with your blog, #BlogBlab is for you!

What makes this Blab different to other blogging ones is that it’s all about the community coming together – so please do not join if you are just looking at plugging your blog or service.

When will it start?

The first #BloggingBlab will take place this Wednesday (6th January) at 8pm GMT, and I’m excited to announce that the lovely Eleanor of Elleanor Wears has agreed to be a co-host! If you too would like to co-host, tweet me (@moreaboutcat).


We will be discussing Blogging Ambitions for 2016. Whether you’re looking to change your blog design, switch to WordPress or simply step up your content this year, bring your ideas, thoughts and questions along! Here’s a few of the prompts we’ll be discussing:

  • Your blogging plans for this year
  • Any obstacles – we might be able to help!
  • If time, we’ll spend the last part of the chat sharing ideas for those that might need some inspiration

I hope to see you there, and if you have any questions in the meantime, do feel free to comment below or tweet me.

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