Little Adventures

After a three day battle with a flu demon, I finally triumphed as Basingstoke was gathering a coat of snow. Wait – coat is the wrong word.

A coating implies a delicate dusting of the stuff, rather than the thick, deep inconvenient level of it that we actually got. It was basically Snowmageddon because people had to abandon their cars at the side of the M3, and we couldn’t even order a pizza on Friday night. THE HORROR.

Well, at least we were both at home, our cars buried in snow and our driveway blocked from going anywhere fast (or at all). At first, I was annoyed by this because lol I’ve been inside the house for three days straight and the cabin fever is setting in. But once I started to feel better as the weekend rolled around, I was less inclined to actually go outside because snow is cold and wet and slippy. Blergh.

But sadly, supplies were needed. After all, it was Superbowl weekend. Chilli nachos and buffalo chicken wasn’t going to be delivered to our door at our convenience (we checked, and turns out Tesco aren’t willing to battle the elements, fair play because we can’t even get our cars out of the drive).

So on Saturday, we decided we just had to make the trek across the park to Sainsbury’s. We donned our snow-friendly gear – thank the LAWD for our Canada trip last year or I wouldn’t have had my dreamy ski jacket to keep me warm – and set off on a little adventure.

Maybe the snow was a reminder of our Canada trip, or maybe it was just such a ~novelty~ but it turned a boring task of going to the supermarket into something that was actually quite fun. Taking in the Christmas-card-like views of kids sledging, dogs leaping about and everyone generally having a good time, I couldn’t help but feel like our surroundings were just a little bit magical.

The experience, although brief, made me think about those moments in life when the mundane turns into something that bit more special. I don’t think these moments will always land on our laps (or in this case, land absolutely everywhere in the form of frosty fluffy snow), but there has to be ways of turning the everyday into little adventures. Here are a few ways I’ve come up with:

…Take in more

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of letting life pass us by. The next time you need to do something mundane, take in your surroundings more as you do it.

Sure, they might not be covered in glorious, troublesome snow but it shouldn’t be difficult to spot something different from the norm or something to focus on to bring some joy to your day.

Through therapy, I have learned a lot more about being mindful – by using your senses more you can literally “stop and smell the flowers”, and it does elevate a task from just “getting on with it” to turning it into an experience.

…Make a change

If we really think about it, everything we need to do can probably be done a bit differently. Taking a more scenic route when you need to go somewhere, or just try a new way of doing something you do on the reg. Try thinking differently – it will make you more perceptive in the long run. Nothing says adventure like going outside of your comfort zone, after all.

It’s way too easy to fall into monotony – so try turning up the contrast in your life, not just on your IG photos.

…Measure the mini moments

Mini moments are those moments that are mini (obviously), but build them up and they can remind you that life can be pretty darn sweet and that not all people are the worst. From that smile from a stranger to the terrible joke your OH said which had you in stitches… capture them and remember them.

Even the most “normal” of days can feel a little more adventurous when you stack up those feel-good times.



  1. Jess

    The snow wasn’t as bad where I am, the roads cleared up pretty quick but was still incredibly icy – which was rather sad as that meant we went straight from a snowy wonderland to icy deathtrap within the first day. Excellent point of how we let things pass us by, I’ve recently started to try and enjoy everything more as it’s so easy to just rush everywhere to get back home.

    Great post! Also, your coat looks super cosy haha!

    Jess xxx ||

    1. Post

      We seemed to have skipped the icy stage…or maybe I just missed it! My coat was sooo cosy. It’s a ski jacket, so seemed apt for the snow!

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