#LightsCameraCurrys Blogger Event

Being a blogger definitely has its perks, and my absolute favourite perk is being part of a wonderful community. That’s why, when I was invited to my first blogger event, it was a no brainer.

The #LightsCameraCurrys event took place yesterday at the Brighton Media Centre, led by photographer Dade Freeman who was there to teach us all about taking our DSLR’s off of ‘Auto’ and getting more creative with our photos!

This is something I have wanted to do for ages – I bought the Nikon D3200 For Dummies book to get to grips with my camera, and whilst I’ve read a chunk of it, the information about Manual settings just did not settle into my brain.

Anyway, back to the event. As I was feeling a little nervous about walking into a room full of strangers, I agreed over Twitter to meet up with the lovely Kathy B – who I hadn’t met previously. She, like all the others I met was absolutely lovely! We met at the train station and had a good natter about our expectations for the day and about our blogs. As you do!

I embarrassingly hadn’t had the chance to read her blog prior, but it is brilliant! She writes with real humour, creating content that is a bit different to the usual lifestyle stuff. Check it out at the link above. I am still in the process of putting together a reading list of all of your blogs if you were there, so feel free to comment with your link.

Dade’s presentation was really fantastic, breaking down the Manual features in an easy to understand and digest way. He also shared some pretty nifty general tips about framing, composition and how to hold the camera to support it properly. What’s more, he also had time for any of us who had questions (including me who basically asked him how to find all the settings on my camera….newb).

After the presentation, we had the chance to test our new skills by hitting Brighton beach (the weather was scorching!). I’ve definitely got to grips with shutter speed which allows you to freeze motion with your images, but my depth of field skills still needs working on.

Here’s a few of the snaps I did manage to take! Mostly of seagulls because…well it’s Brighton!

This is my absolute favourite photo of the lot – although I was slightly annoyed that part of the seagulls wing was slightly cut off though!
Standard photo of the West Pier, with a few more gulls for good measure.
Even more gull action – is it just me or do seagulls always look angry?
I just love the colour of the sky here and how clear it is!

Catching Allie and Jodie mid-action!

Capturing the merry go round in motion and the busy seafront.

And here’s a couple of photos taken by the guys who organised the event:

Jodie, Kathy and me – in height order, showcasing how clearly pro we now are 😉
Here’s all of us together in the sunshine!
Thanks so much to Currys for putting on the event – from the amazing presentation from Dade, through to the M&S lunch time spread!


  1. Cat Fyson

    Thanks hun! I think if I make it along to another blogger event I shall have to say hi 🙂

    Many thanks for adding a link to your post 😀 x

  2. Cat Fyson

    I put the shutter speed at the fastest it could go! That should do the trick (as long as you change the ISO and aperture to suit) Unfortunately I had the ISO too dark on my pics though 🙁 was hard to tell in the sun! x

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