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Oh hi!

I realised it’s been a while since I did a “catch up” style post where I just opened up WordPress and typed away without any real sense of direction or purpose. Y’see, this is what happens when you go into OMG I HAVEN’T BLOGGED mode. My posting here hasn’t been consistent *at all* recently, and it kinda sucks.

I will naturally blame the heat because I’m getting pretty sick of it tbh. Our house is not built for this sort of weather and it retains all the heat in the summer and somehow gets freezing cold in the winter so that’s just jolly. I promise I’m not here today to complain, but finding the motivation to blog in this weather has not been easy – and I’ve given up trying to vlog until a time when I don’t constantly look like a sweaty mess.

Another reason I think my online presence has been a bit crap lately is that I’ve been pouring a lot of time and energy into both my personal development and my business growth. I’ve been trying to set personal goals for the future to give myself a bit of direction, and business goals to know where I want to go now that I’ve been self-employed for almost a year (my anniversary is in September and I am 100% buying cake).

Goal setting is something I really struggle with – especially when it comes to putting a “deadline” on it. For example, one of my goals is to be homeowners in 5 years’ time. 5 years sounds simultaneously like a long way away and not long at all. But I am *slowly* learning that goal setting is important to help pave the way to knowing what I want from life. Sure, we might not be homeowners in 5 years time but we adjust the goalposts as needed.

A goal I’m quite excited but incredibly nervous about is that I’ve decided I’d like to write a book. I want to start chronicling my journey as a freelancer and share the insights I gain over time so that those going through it in the future will know that it’s OK to make mistakes (as long as you learn from them), and that the “badass boss babe” who is 100% on it all the time is an absolute myth that needs to be destroyed. There are good days and bad days in this rollercoaster of being a business owner and I hope that much like this blog, by sharing my story I can help others.

So uh, now I just need to start planning it I guess!

Speaking of the business, things seem to be going OK at the moment. Not without some frustrations (aka timewasters), but overall I feel like I’m gradually finding my feet. While I’m definitely the kind of person that wants to get everything right from day one, I am also enjoying the process of learning what it is to be my own boss.

From navigating the ins and outs of essentially having multiple jobs (project management, finance, marketing etc), to finding a much healthier work/life balance, I’m attempting to take it all in my stride and when I’m not stressing about it I’m loving it.

I’m also looking into starting a new project soon – separate but related to my business and working with some awesome people, but I just need to invent more hours in the day to get things going!

Something I’m not loving at the moment (lol nope this isn’t another jibe at the weather) is Instagram. I still enjoy posting to Stories – although I’m doing it less often at the moment because I’ve been super busy – but posting to my grid has become a real chore. Anyone with me? It’s just boresville and you get so little from it nowadays that it doesn’t feel worth it. I’m sure I’ll find the joy in it again someday, but for now, I’m going to curse the IG gods for making a platform that feels so inconsistent in its engagement.

The sad thing is that I feel like so many bloggers are putting their energy into Instagram to chase those elusive followers, that the blogging world itself is suffering. Let’s stop trying to appease those impossible IG gods and just enjoy writing longer form content again!

Anywho, that’s probably enough of a catch up from me. What’s been going on with you lately? Let me know in the comments what you think of this heatwave – has it effected your productivity or passion to blog? Cos same.


  1. Kate

    Woohoo, congrats on being self employed for a whole year! You will definitely deserve that cake! and best of luck with the book- writing a book is a ‘one day’ goal of mine for when life isn’t quite so crazy! Loved the chatty vibe of this post xx

    1. Post

      Thank you Kate – looking forward to the actual anniversary next month to celebrate! We are actually planning a holiday in September so wonder if I’ll be celebrating my anniversary somewhere exotic! Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 x

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