Life Lately – April 2015

Life Lately Catch Up post on a UK Lifestyle blog.

Life lately has mostly been made up of sunshine, shopping and Netflix. All the things you need to get through the hard times, am I right? I have to admit I’ve certainly had my bad days recently, but that’s partly why I like to do these posts to remind me its not all doom and gloom.

With the sun making a cheeky appearance on a daily basis recently, I’ve cracked out the printed joggers. I adore them, but they only seem natural to wear when it gets a bit summery outside. The purchase of further printed joggers (top right) can also be blamed on the good weather which I can already tell is going to be damaging to my bank balance over the coming months. Nice weather = greater desire to go out and shop.

Drinking Pimms is also standard, as me and Mum are doing there in the middle. Having the first Pimms of the year in April seems crazy early…but any excuse, eh?

The other weekend I caught up with some colleagues from my old job – Cards Against Humanity was played, followed by Singstar, followed by a gay club. Naturally! It’s so good to catch up with people who are so wonderfully supportive and up for a laugh when it’s needed most. It’s even better catching us all on camera to laugh at/feel shame for on Facebook the next day.

Finally, when I’m not out singing terrible karaoke songs with my terrible drunk voice, I’m chilling in bed with a creme egg watching Daredevil on Netflix. Bliss.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Nevena Krstic

    Sounds like so much fun! My life lately has been pretty dull, I've just about finished my dissertation, hopefully I can get it printed and bound tomorrow, scary! 🙂 xx

  2. Cat Fyson

    Most of the time my life is pretty dull, this was a rare busy time lol! Congrats on finishing your diss, and hope the printing and binding went well (such a good feeling when you hand it in!) x

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