Life Between Lists

Regular readers of this here blog will have noticed that I’ve been all about the #52ListsProject for several weeks whilst playing catch up. I hope you have enjoyed the posts.

The reason I’ve lined all the posts up, other than to play catch up, is because my labyrinthitis lasted longer than I had hoped. I was out of work for a month, and feeling pretty sorry for myself.

On the bright side, things are looking up now. I’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks now, and definitely feel well and truly recovered! So I thought I’d update you guys with life lately…ironically, via list.

1. We’re all settled in at the new place now. Bags are unpacked, the sofas finally arrived (the ones we ordered back in January), and it’s definitely looking like *our* place.

2. We even have fish. We originally had 4, but they disappeared for a couple of weeks, so Liam bought 6 little fishies.

Once placed in the pond, 2 of the original (much larger) fish reappeared! I named 3 of the newer fish after Game of Thrones houses (Stark, Baratheon, Lannister).

3. Speaking of Game of Thrones…YAY ITS BACK! I am so excited about this. We’re also catching up with season 4 of The Walking Dead too, and I can comfortably say I am in love with Norman Reedus for real.

4. Me and a good friend of mine, Emma, have made a pact to get more creative – I’m hoping this means I’ll have some more crafty stuff on the blog in the future. Our first project? Sock animals.

5. In sad news, on 20 March one of my family dogs had to be put down. She was in poor health, but lived an incredible 14 years. R.I.P Zoe.

I haven’t been home to visit the family yet (they’ve seen me a few times since – any excuse to come look at the new place!), so I imagine it won’t really sink in until I go home and she’s not there.

6. I have eaten more chocolate, cake, biscuits and all things bad recently than I care to admit. Now the illness has gone, it’s time to try and get into better shape! Easter coming up makes it so difficult though!

7. I am desperate to go clothes shopping. I want a whole new wardrobe.

8. Recently we took part in International Tabletop Day. This is the second year we’ve done it, and it’s always awesome. I only won a single game of Dixit, but had lots of fun anyway!

9. I’ve discovered that Summer Sponge cake from our local farm shop is to die for. Please see point 6 for why this is a dilemma.

10. I’ve become one of those people who loves to have fresh flowers in the house. I’ve been lucky enough to be given flowers on several occasions recently, so the kitchen has been brightened up significantly!

11. On Friday night I went to see my favourite band, Brand New! Reminded me of my teenage years – brought back some memories for sure. Review to come soon(ish).

How about you lovely lot? Have you been up to much lately? 

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  1. Rachael

    So jealous that you have flowers in your place, they make my husband sneeze so they are a bit of a no go around mine! We're house hunting atm, we have an offer on a house atm but it has more issues with it than we thought and kinda want out but no one knows what's going on, oh they joy of home buying and being grown up!

  2. Cat Fyson

    N'aww bless! My other half doesn't really care for them, but the kitchen is 'my domain' so they live in there hah. I bet home buying is sooo stressful. I think we'll be renting for a while, not got the money or time to find somewhere to buy!

  3. Clare Brown

    I love fresh flowers & luckily hubby is a fan too & regularly treats me! I'm also trying to be more creative – love that sock monkey! Bought one recently at craft fair for a new baby, I couldn't resist him! So will watch with bated breath to see how easy it is to make your own wee monkey!

  4. Melissa Ariganello

    Sorry to hear that about your family dog. It's the saddest thing to say bye to your dog. 🙁

    Fresh flowers in the house is wonderful, I can't wait to decorate my apartment later in the summer with fresh flowers!

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog, if you'd like to participate!

  5. Kirsty M

    Lovvvvve the names of your fish! I'm also really glad it's back. Needed my Tyrion fix! I had labyrinthitis last year and it properly knocked me for six, so I feel your pain. Glad you're on the mend now though 🙂 xx

  6. Cat Fyson

    Fresh flowers just look so beautiful don't they? I wish I could buy them more often! Isn't the sock monkey cute? My friend has a sock animals book, so going to see what other creatures we can create! x

  7. Cat Fyson

    Thank you hun – it was sad, and will be sad when I go home this weekend to visit family and see she is no longer there. But it was for the best.

    Decorating a place is always a lot of fun, so I hope you enjoy!

    Thanks for the nom – whilst I've not done Liebster before on this blog, I have done it in the past so don't really want to do it again, but I do really appreciate you thinking of my humble blog! x

  8. Cat Fyson

    Haha, they're great aren't they? GoT has really been crazy already so far this season, and only 2 eps in!

    Labyrinthitis is really horrid, it makes you feel *so* fed up and like it's never going to end! Definitely feeling much better now 🙂 x

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