Let’s Celebrate Our Successes

Negativity can be pretty contagious sometimes. Especially when its splashed across the media so consistently.

Failure however often feels incredibly individual. For some of us its character building, for others it can knock us down. Either way, sometimes it feels like the ‘f’ word is all around us.

As a blogger, sometimes I feel like I’ve failed if no one has read my post, or no one is engaging any more.

Or if my blog doesn’t look as good, or read as well as those other bloggers who manage to have the time to make things perfect.

As a person, feelings of failure can appear for many more reasons.

Occasionally, I’ll dwell on a failure for a little while – if it’s something I know I could have done differently, or something that really matters to me to get right.

But something I don’t think many of us do enough is celebrate the successes. We should be telling ourselves “Well done!” when things go well.

They may not have gone exactly to plan (because things so rarely do!), but if we worked hard for something and achieved it, then why aren’t we giving ourselves a pat on the back?

No matter how big or small the success, there’s no reason not to congratulate yourself.

Here are a few of my recent achievements that I will be rewarding myself for:

1. Passing my year appraisal at work.

2. Finally taking my DSLR off ‘Auto’ and experimenting on ‘Manual’ (admittedly, I am still using Auto for my blog photos because I haven’t quite mastered a decent pic yet)

3. Earning some decent commission at work for upsells. I’m sure when payday this month rolls around that reward will be in the form of clothes or graphic novels!

4. Managing to clear out some of my old clothes and making a decent amount of cash on eBay (more clothes and graphic novels seems a suitable reward). Previously, I’ve only ever made pennies on auctions!

5. Finding a decent and useful present for my Dad’s birthday – something which is usually impossible.

6. Having the courage to go along to my first blogger event this weekend. I’m going to be learning a bit more about my camera too, so hopefully I’ll have further DSLR successes coming up!

What successes have you had recently, and how will you be celebrating?

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  1. Jessica Armstrong

    I love this post – I think that every person feels like this at some stage, but it's so important to keep your successes in mind and remember how awesome you've been before. I can definitely dwell on the negatives sometimes, but it just takes a memory of something you did well to bring a smile to your face again.

    Jess x

  2. Cat Fyson

    Aww thank you – really appreciate that 🙂 I definitely think quite often we get bogged down in what hasn't quite gone to plan, but we have to pick ourselves up instead of wallowing! x

  3. Rachael

    Well done on making some cash from your ebay sellings, as someone who owns/runs an ebay store it's a tough selling place at times but the hard working with sticking in all the extra effort pays off in the end!

  4. Cat Fyson

    Thanks hun! I didn't really make as much as I'd like, but I'm equally glad to be rid of it! It must be hard to have a business shop through eBay, as there really are some difficult sellers! x

  5. Beth

    Love this post… it's so important to try to focus on the positives in life! I've got so many things to put on eBay… I wish they'd hurry up and announce the next free listing weekend x

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