Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, Worthing

Lemongrass Thai sweetcorn fritters
Last Sunday evening, after I went to the #LightsCameraCurrys event, me and the family went out for my Dad’s birthday meal. His birthday was actually the next day, but he had to go to work at 5:30am, and I had to head back home Monday afternoon for work on Tuesday.
Anyway, enough of the life story and onto the FOOD! My family are notoriously difficult at making decisions and being fussy. I’ll admit that I sewed the seed of Thai food as I knew my Dad would enjoy trying out a Jungle curry (he definitely did), but my Mum was reluctant as she didn’t *think* she liked Thai food (she definitely did).
Our local thai restaurant is just a short drive away in Worthing town centre – it’s down the West End side of town where there isn’t a huge amount going on, but it’s well worth checking out as they have some lovely shops down there. 

The place we went to was called Lemongrass, distinguishable by it’s orange and black signage outside. The laminated style menus might be a put off for some, but it’s otherwise pretty classy inside. Posh napkin sculptures, wine glasses laid out on the table and the tables all set before you even sit down. This is no Nandos, folks.
Once our drink orders are taken by the friendly and attentive Thai staff (drinks are a pretty good price too, my Pimms and Lemonade was £2.60 a glass), they bring out some prawn crackers to nibble on – or in my family’s case full-on-chow-down-on. 
Above is the order I chose – Thai corn cakes with sweet chilli dip. Although the corn cakes were a teensy bit overdone, they were still really delicious and full of flavour. As you can see, the presentation of the food is amazing, too!
Moving onto my main, I opted for a chicken Penang curry with sticky rice – my favourite. The portions were ridiculously generous (I ended up only eating about half of mine!). The chicken was beautifully cooked, and the rice was just the right consistency. 
The only downfall of the service was a couple of mistakes made – namely when my Dad had tried 2 beers throughout the meal and preferred the second, when they brought him a top up, they brought over the original beer. 
Other than that, the staff were wonderful and really accepting of our needs – my brother and Mum were being their usual fussy selves and asked for slight changes in their orders, but it was no problem and everyone was chuffed with their food. We were the only ones in the tiny restaurant (being a Sunday and all), so perhaps if it was busier it may have been harder to appease the fussy Fysons!
On the off chance you do happen to be in Worthing, definitely give Lemongrass a visit – they have a fantastic lunch deal as well where you get a really tasty meal for around £6. 
Thai red panang curry with sticky rice

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  1. Becci Charlton

    Oh man, I am so hungry after reading this post! I love Thai food too, it's my favourite cuisine by miles and – how bizarre?! – the Penang is my favourite curry too! I'd love to try making it from scratch.

    Sounds like you had a lovely time! xox

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