Lamenting Labyrinthitis

Life lately has involved a lot of medicine and bed rest. After a week (or so) long cold, which was luckily not bad enough to render me unable to work, I was then hit by the dreaded Labyrinthitis which was a different story…

If you don’t know what Labyrinthitis is, or it reminds you of the babe (+10 Internet points if you get the reference), it’s an inner ear infection which makes you go wibbly. It’s usually brought on by a viral infection, and the first and only other time I’ve had it was back in the summer where I mistook it for sun stroke.

Anyone who has experienced it before, or a similar problem, will know how incredibly infuriating it is. It makes you go dizzy, feel nauseas and makes you feel completely useless. Honestly, I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies.

Note: I know there are much worse problems out there, but when you have Labyrinthitis, it feels like it’s never going to go away. Luckily I do not have it chronically, but it is possible to become a lifelong problem.

The reason it is so frustrating as an illness is because all you can really do is sleep. Every time you move you end up feeling really dizzy, and don’t even think about reading, writing, typing or watching TV as within minutes you’ll feel absolutely rubbish and turn once again to some shut eye.

So, after being prescribed one medicine that made me sleep 12 hours and then nap twice in the day (and not at all fix the dizziness), I was then prescribed another which seems to be doing the trick. Unfortunately, I wish the problem could have been fixed quicker as I’ve missed a whole week at work (which I really cannot afford to do with the amount of work on!). I’ve rather sadly now started a list of the medicines I have been prescribed for Labyrinthitis so I know which to avoid the next time it strikes.

Anyway, enough of the sob story – I’m pleased that I am finally beginning to feel human again, and have a weekend with my Mum to look forward to! I bought the lovely flowers above yesterday afternoon when I was feeling well enough for a short jaunt to the local Tesco.

Have you ever had Labyrinthitis? Any tips to ease the symptoms?

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  1. Emily

    So rubbish you've had to deal with all that, but pleased you're feeling better. My mum had something similar a few years ago where she couldn't stand up for a few weeks without getting motion sickness, and still can't go on rides like the teacups because of it, so I know how awful if can be and send you lots of sympathy lovely lady! Xx

  2. Emily

    Sorry for the triple comment spam- just thought to mention, my mum used the wii fit board to do the basic balance games/ tasks they have and that actually helped her with it all xxx

  3. Cat Fyson

    Ahhhh I love all your comments (and your blog, just followed!). When I heard I had labyrinthitis I started signing the song to myself.

    It does feel horrid, but thanks for the wii fit tip – my other half has a Wii so I may have to invest in the balance board! Trying to overcome/combat the dizziness is not nice (and sometimes a little scary when the vertigo is especially bad), but I am finally getting better thanks to the meds! xx

  4. Cat Fyson

    Thanks hun – I've certainly improved from how I felt earlier in the week. It always lasts so long (at least a week) before you feel totally normal again! x

  5. Cat Fyson

    It effects you on different levels at different times – sometimes it's bearable, others it feels horrible. It also has a habit of going away for a bit luring you into false security which it did to me yesterday/today! x

  6. Tropical Colours

    Aw no that's terrible! I hope you get better very soon! I have never heard of Labyrinthitis before but now I do! I really love posts like this because they are really informative and I learn so much from someone who has been through it all! I wish you all the best and hope you get better very very soon! And the flowers are so lovely! 🙂 xx

  7. Cat Fyson

    Thanks hun, am finally on the mend I think. Hard to tell sometimes as it might go away and then come back occasionally!

    I am thinking of perhaps putting together another post about the whole experience with some resources as it's a scary illness, especially when the vertigo is really bad!

  8. Cat Fyson

    Isn't it a great movie?! I only saw it for the first time about a year ago? Maybe even less than that!

    I think they would be nightmares with Bowie in tights! xx

  9. Lisa1970

    I got it a couple of years ago and, like you, got prescribed the wrong medication so I couldn't really walk let alone work for 3 weeks. Really scary when you've never had it before but my brother had and made me feel better with the words "just be thankful you're not throwing up with it too!"

    Since then I've had recurrent BPPV plus tinnitus & vestibular migraines and am being seen by both ENT and Neurology at the hospital. I waited 6 months before getting the extra dizzy spells checked out, if you feel it coming back please go straight back to the doctors!

    Not trying to scare you but I waited for it to be chronic and now it won't go away easily!

    Feel well soon 🙂 x

  10. Cat Fyson

    I bet that was scary 🙁 I am a bit thankful that I had it before and therefore sort of knew what to expect? But didn't expect it to last so long!

    Oh trust me, I will get it checked out as soon as I feel it coming on as I know it's going to be something underlying just waiting to come back! x

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