What I’ve Been Watching #6

Welcome back to another instalment of What I’ve Been Watching, a series of mini-reviews of films I’ve seen recently at the cinema! My Cineworld card (a gift from Liam for my birthday last year) has been a godsend in making sure I get to see the latest movies, and share my thoughts with you here!

Going In Style

This movie wasn’t really on my radar (hence why I didn’t add it to my anticipated movies in my last post!), but when I found out who was in it, I was excited to watch! It stars Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin and is basically about them planning a bank robbery.

There’s few better words to describe this film than cute. I thought it was lovely and it was fun. The leads were all great (I forgot how fantastic Alan Arkin is – see Little Miss Sunshine, pronto!), and I found the story to be really sweet and it had some funny moments too. The heist itself was good too, and the ending was clever and not quite what I was expecting.

Expectation: 3/5
Reality: 3/5

Table 19

Ngl to you guys – there’s not a whole lot to say about this one. I was curious to see it because Anna Kendrick is my spirit animal, but the film was just v v average. It had a few funny moments and the story was fine but that’s it. Stephen Merchant was a definite highlight, though.

Expectation: 2.5/5
Reality: 2.5/5

The Belko Experiment

So I was pretty keen to see this as 1. Michael Rooker is awesome, and 2. the concept seemed pretty cool. I won’t spoil what it’s about because it might be better to go in with as little knowledge as you can, but I will say that the film is OK. It’s nothing to shout about and tell anyone who will listen to watch it. The ending is a bit of a disappointment which drags the film down from a 3/5 to a 2.5/5.

Expectation: 3/5
Reality: 2.5/5

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been pretty excited for this sequel. The first GOTG injected some real, actual fun into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the sequel promised to do the same…but did it deliver?

YUS. In my opinion, it definitely delivered. It maintained the fun-ness of the first (although was a little darker!), and I was entertained from start to finish. No spoilers here, but stick around until the very end of the credits…I know that seems obvious but there’s more than one post-credit scene.

GOTG 2 was almost as good as the first – which is a rarity for a sequel, and especially a Marvel movie!

Expectation: 4/5
Reality: 4/5

So what’s up next?

Baby Driver

Ngl, I’m only really excited for this because I like Edgar Wright as a director. The story doesn’t have me 100% sold, but the action does look good and it does look like it might be pretty funny.

Expectation: 3.5/5

Alien: Covenant

I haven’t seen all of the Alien films, but I loved the first. I once had a dream me and Liam had a Xenomorph as a pet and it kept killing people but we didn’t want to give it up. I realise that’s entirely irrelevant, but I am excited to see this movie. I’m also very confused that it has Danny McBride in it, but I’m willing to go along for the ride.

Expectation: 3/5


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