What I’ve Been Watching #5

Hey gang!

Welcome back to WIBW, a series where I share mini-reviews of my recent cinema watches. I also choose a film or two that I am most looking forward to seeing soon and share my initial impressions and expectations! Let’s crack on…

Get Out

I had been looking forward to Get Out for a while, after seeing the trailer and hearing nothing but good things about it. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good modern “horror” film (although I would argue its more of a hybrid of horror with psychological thriller), and I was really pleased that Get Out didn’t fail to disappoint.

What I found most impressive about Get Out is how it maintained a true sense of unease throughout – as a viewer you feel uncomfortable and unsure of what is going on for the vast majority of the film. The final third of the film, when it all unravels, is not quite as good as the first two thirds as the story takes a slight turn that didn’t really feel necessary and might have been better without it. However, the performances were great and the director did a great job visually of telling this story. Go see this if you can before you have the ending ruined!

Expectation: 4 (I thought I was being too optimistic…)
Reality: 4 (turns out I wasn’t!)


Put Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal in a movie and I’ll be there with bells on, tbh. Plus, this movie was marketed to be heavily inspired by Alien and damn that’s a great movie.

Life, however is…fine. It has some good moments and I was entertained throughout (and on a couple of occasions a bit grossed out too), but unfortunately it didn’t really bring anything new to the table. All of the performances are good and it has genuinely scary moments but ultimately I could see where the film was going almost every step of the way which isn’t really ideal.

The ending in particular I saw coming a mile away. Boooo.

Expectation: 3.5
Reality: 3

Power Rangers

I don’t really remember much of Power Rangers from watching it as a kid – my brother was a big fan of it whilst I was probably too busy watching My Little Pony or playing with my dollhouse. Although, there is one moment in the film where some of the nostalgia definitely did come back to me!

Power Rangers the movie is definitely better than I expected, and had the right balance of grit and cheese. However, there were moments that were slow, and others where a bit too much was going on to really get into it. Still – it’s always nice to come out of a film that you expected to dislike and think “hey, that wasn’t too shabby after all”.

Expectation: 2.5
Reality: 3

So what shall I be seeing next?

The Belko Experiment

I’ve seen the trailer for this a few times now, and it is 100% up my street. It’s basically about these employees who are trapped in their office block and they are all pawns in a game that pits them against each other. Think Battle Royale (or Hunger Games) mixed with The Office…at least that’s the best comparison I can come up with having not seen it yet!

It could be absolutely awful, but for the plot line alone, I’m onboard.

Expectation: 3

Guardians of the Galaxy

Who isn’t looking forward to the the sequel of the best Marvel movie since Avengers? I am not entirely convinced Guardians 2 will hold up against the first one, but if it’s anywhere near as fun and entertaining, then it’ll be well worth the cinema trip.

Expectation: 4



  1. April 5, 2017 / 8:12 am

    I’m so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 it’s unreal, especially considering how skeptical I was before the first one was released. I got goosebumps watching the trailer before Beauty and the Beast – Hooked on a Feeling is so emotive, who knew?!

    I kinda really wanna see Power Rangers cos I grew up watching it with my little brother and we had the toys and videos etc but I can’t help thinking they’d be better off rereleasing the 90s film, especially if it’s just about nostalgia. I’ve got a couple of free tickets on my loyalty card so I’ll give it a go.

    • Cat
      April 5, 2017 / 4:44 pm

      Yes! I loved Hooked on a Feeling before but GOTG has elevated the love even further! Definitely go see Power Rangers as you’ll probably get more of the references than I did!

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