I’ve gone WordPress self-hosted!


Hi guys, just a quick post today to say that the blogging break is over, and I am back! Do you like the new look? I finally took the plunge and moved over to self-hosted WordPress.

I have to admit, I was absolutely dreading the move but it’s been pretty seamless so far. One or two hiccups on the way, but nothing horrific! I still need to iron out the creases so there’s still a fair amount to be done, but I’m taking my time with it so as not to stress over it.

One or two people over on Twitter have suggested I put together a post on the process, so I’ll have a think about the best way to go about it and try and cobble something together in the New Year. To be honest, I’d have been completely lost without TSO Host and the always awesome Phil from Pipdig. Without them, this would not be possible!

So why did I decide to go WordPress self-hosted?

To be honest, I’ve been thinking of doing it for a while. Whilst I loved how simple Blogger’s interface was, I have heard so many stories about how much better WordPress is. You have a lot more control over your settings and customisation, and it’s much easier to optimise for SEO using WordPress as there’s some great plugins and guides online.

As well as this, most, if not all of the ‘bigger’ bloggers out there are all on WordPress and whilst this wasn’t directly a reason to do it, I figured there had to be a reason the platform was preferred by so many!

So there we have it – I was going to wait until the New Year to ‘launch’ the change, but I’ve really missed blogging and figured seeing as the setup is all in place then why the hell not do it early!

Like I said before, there’s still some creases to iron out and I would be super appreciative if you guys let me know if you stumble across any problems!

If anyone else who has migrated has any tips to share then feel free to pop them in a comment – equally if you’re thinking of doing it yourself then feel free to ask any questions (although I can’t be sure I’ll know the answer!)

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