Is The Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub Suitable For Sensitive Skin?

Dead sea salt scrub
The Body Shop Spa Of The World scrub
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As a sufferer of multiple skin annoyances (eczema, occasional dermatitis etc etc), buying a sea salt exfoliator is always a gamble. Either that salty, grainy gloop is going to buff away unsightly dead skin and make you feel like a goddess, or it’s going to cause a world of pain. The expression “rubbing salt into the wound” becomes a little too literal for my liking.
I decided to take the risk though when I spotted this giant pot of product at the airport on our way back from Rome. It was one of the several The Body Shop products I picked up duty free…because when in Rome, right? Harhar.
Anyway, the other night I was feeling a tad stressed. I had a driving lesson first thing the next day, and had my theory test looming in just a few days (eep! It’s on Saturday…), so I wanted to pamper myself a bit to keep me cool, calm and collected. What better than a spa-style scrub, eh?
In a move that is possibly unconventional and foolish, I decided to use this product in the shower. There’s nothing wrong with this in theory, but in practise I almost fell over and cracked my head open when I gave my feet a good scrubbing. That’s because, once you have rubbed in the exfoliating grains (which are amazing FYI), you are left with what feels like a rich moisturiser and is therefore pretty slippy!
Admittedly, I felt it was a bit greasy at first. After rinsing off the remnants, it still felt a bit like a film on my skin. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t a clean feeling either. But the real magic happened after my shower when I was all dry.
My skin felt AWESOME. Super soft, and best of all absolutely no eczema flare ups. I honestly thought that I was going to become all red and patchy (lush) after using this product and feel full of regret but the complete opposite is true. My skin felt smooth, clean and like I didn’t even need to apply any moisturiser. Oh, and I smelt like the freaking ocean, man. Result.
Naturally, everyone’s skin is different and this product may not work for you, but I recommend giving it a try especially if like me your skin goes full on rebel as the colder weather creeps in.


  1. Lizaboo

    Oooh I haven't invested in good scrub for a while and this sounds like just what my body needs. I've been dabbling in a few Body Shop products recently after trying their Oil of Life which was incredible. But Body Shop is always a brand I forget about until I read blog reviews. Oops. May be a little online order is need. :o) xx

  2. Cat Fyson

    I haven't tried the oil of life, will have to give it a go! Almost all of my skincare is from the body shop, totally obsessed! They always have good deals online too so well worth an order 😉 x

  3. Becky

    I’ve wanted to try this product for ages, sounds so good! I laughed at the part of you nearly falling because of how slippy it was (sorry lol) but that happens to me all the time haha. I also sometimes get a weird residue left on my body from the body shop scrubs, so I’m hoping this would would be a lot better in terms of that! And I love the packaging!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

    1. Post

      I was sceptical because of my sensitive skin, but I’m so glad I tried it out. It *does* leave a residue, but a lovely moisturised feel that makes your skin feel super duper smoove! x

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