As I type this post, it’s Friday night. I’m in my PJs sipping a Diet Coke and wracking my brain for a blog post idea. I’ve scrolled through my Bloglovin feed to read some blogs for inspiration, and all I can think about is how my ideas won’t be good enough.

Which is weird, because I’m also thinking that a lot of the content on my feeds is the same. A handful of topics from blogs significantly bigger than my own. Amongst these posts, the sponsored crap that Bloglovin chucks in there as if I care about the latest fashion trends that they think are worth my time. No fashion trend is worth my time because I’m all about jeans and a t-shirt about 99.9% of the time.

Don’t get me wrong – there are exceptions to the monotony and those are the posts I’ll usually click on. There are good ideas out there. But I do wonder whether those posts are simply being buried by the more trendy and trending topics.

Which begs the question of this post – is blogging accessible anymore? Or is it just for those that write about certain topics, aimed at certain audiences? Will your blog readership only grow if you write about particular things? Does it matter?

I am a big fan of TV. One of the greatest things about TV is that the more ‘unusual’ shows are now becoming the most popular. Just look at the hype around Stranger Things. It’s different, and although heavily inspired by many films and books, it’s unique. It stands out. I wish blogging was more like TV.

Being unique and creating unique content should be what blogging is all about. But I’m not sure it is. At least not all of the time, anyway.

Sometimes blogging appears to be about the same product reviews, the same blogger events and the same sponsored posts. I’ve ranted about this before but it’s worth mentioning again purely because I did get a few responses at the time on that post that raised some good points…

Other bloggers realised they were posting too much-sponsored content

I think I’ve even been in a position before when I realised the sponsored content was not necessarily outweighing the non-sponsored, but it was becoming noticeable that the variety had gone.

Your content, in my opinion, becomes less accessible when you apply a price tag to it. You could be a great writer who turns a sponsored post into something that looks and feels the same as your standard content…but if all of your posts are signed off with a disclaimer, then you lose that personal and relatable touch. IMO guys, IMO.

Has the passion for blogging gone?

A comment on my “What’s happened to blogging?” post which particularly stood out for me was the idea that the passion for blogging could have dissipated.

Blogging has possibly become less accessible because it is no longer full of people sharing their passions and truths, but instead is about how to budget this summer (sponsored by X insurance company), or where to eat lunch in [insert expensive location here] – sponsored by x travel company.

We’re scrolling a lot more than clicking now

One blogger made a really good point on the post – that they are scrolling through their feed way more than they were clicking. Blogging could have in fact become less accessible to others due to how much content is out there. A lot of which is probably being ignored.

I definitely scroll a lot more than I click. I am trying to do semi-regular clear-outs of my blog feed so that I can just focus on seeing the wood for the trees but it still feels as if I am definitely avoiding significantly more content than I am reading. Why? Because ‘X Reasons You Should Visit This Super Expensive Travel Destination And Buy All These Expensive Boring Things’ is the furthest thing from accessible to me.

Personally, I do feel that blogging can still be accessible. After all, if you have your own blog then in my eyes (and surely anyone else’s) you are a blogger. On the flip side, it doesn’t always come across as accessible – for the reasons above. Blogging should be for anyone and not just the elite who make a career out of it and write the same old tired content.

I’d love to know your opinions on this! Let me know in the comments below. PS Soz if this post is rambly and makes approximately 0% sense – it’s been a long week.