Introducing…Creatively Cat

Introducing creatively cat

Hello! *waves*

You may have noticed a little change or two around here – OK, the changes are pretty big really. “moreaboutcat” is no more – instead, welcome to “creatively cat”!

So, why the name change?

I’ll be honest, I’ve disliked “more about cat” for a long time, and it’s not the first time I’ve considered changing it up. But I finally bit the bullet and made the switch to feel happier and more comfortable with my online identity.

“moreaboutcat” did really sum up what my blog was about – it * was * giving an insight into my life, my hobbies etc. It * was * more about me…but the name just started to make me cringe a little. It’s hard to explain, but it just didn’t seem to fit where I wanted to take my blog moving forward.

And so blogging stopped being enjoyable. I felt like I was creating content for the sake of it. Every once in a while I’d have a post I loved and was proud of, but I realised that I was also creating “filler” content to fill the gaps.

I felt like a bit of an imposter.

Where did “creatively cat” come from? 

I consider myself to be a pretty creative person – with my blogging, but also with my career as a freelance copywriter, and so the name clicked into place after brainstorming lots of options that just didn’t feel quite right.

I also felt like “creatively cat” has the power to be an inspiration to you guys, my readers, to be creatively you, too!

I was pretty scared to actually share the new name with people – in case everyone hated it! But then I remembered…if it feels right for me and my “brand” (wanky expression alert), then that’s all that really mattered.

What inspired me to make the change? Well, other than needing a fresh start, I’ve been reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crushing It” book and I’ve been inspired to start taking my online personality more seriously. It’s still separate from my main business, but I feel like “creatively cat” has the potential to grow into something – “moreaboutcat” just felt like a dead end.

Will the blog change much, other than the new name? 

In short, a bit.

I’m going to trim back some of the categories on the blog and focus on the things I love writing most. It will mostly be posts about mental health, blog tips and career-based content (self-employment, and all that jazz).

There will still be other content – after all, there’s plenty to write about my recent trip to Dubrovnik!

We will, however, be saying goodbye to a couple of regular features:

What I’ve Been Watching:

Regular readers will know I do a feature sharing mini spoiler-free reviews of the movies I’ve seen at the cinema recently. While all the old posts will remain, I will no longer be sharing film content here. I just don’t enjoy writing it as much, and it doesn’t get much interest from others either!

Instead, you’ll find my mini-reviews over on film site Letterboxd – you can find my profile @creativelycat. If you enjoy watching and reviewing movies, Letterboxd is fab, so come join in and give me a follow!

Monthly Favourites:

My monthly favourites posts became such a ~chore~. I’d often have to trawl back through my calendar to find things to add, and I just didn’t enjoy putting these posts together.

In their place, I am planning to do a monthly goals/plans type post to look ahead, and recap the previous month to see if my goals were met and plans were fulfilled! Hopefully, you guys will find this more interesting to read, as I know it’s going to be more interesting to write!

At this stage, I’m still in the process of thinking about what other new content will be coming your way – but I am confident that with the new name I am going to be feeling much more inspired to share plenty of content you’re hopefully going to love.

So it’s a welcome to “creatively cat”, and a welcome back to more consistent content!


  1. Denise Lindsay

    I missed your rebrand! Love the name I get why you have dropped a couple of features, I’ve also stopped my monthly favourites too, as you say no one is interested in them very much. It’s a waste of time taking pics and spending time writing something that’s barely being read, it would be better putting that time and effort in to something that people will read.

    In regard to your new domain name, will it not affect your DA? I only ask as I’d like to change my name but i thought it meant that I’d be heading down the DA ladder to start again, would be good if it doesn’t affect it hugely.

    1. Post

      So true – and I feel like I wasn’t really enjoying the monthly faves anyway so want to replace it with something more meaningful/potentially useful!

      I think it likely will affect my DA, although I don’t know for sure as a redirect from my old domain has been put in place to pass on to here. I’m kind of over trying to climb the DA ladder anyway so I guess for you it depends how much it will have an impact. I’ll try and remember to check and see over time if it negatively affects things!

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