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Internet Nostalgia - Myspace

I got thinking some time ago about how much the Internet has changed since I started using it in my teens. Gone are the days of chatting over MSN, having to come off the computer if someone needs to use the phone, and filling quizzes on Myspace with not-so-subtle passive aggressive digs (we all did it, lets not lie).

Does anyone remember any of these Internet things of the past?

MSN Nudges

Ah, the good ol’ Nudges to get people’s attention/annoy the hell of of them. They used to get on my nerves to no end, but of course I still used them too. There were also those weird extras on MSN that you could send to people to make faces and things appear on their screen, or make music or other audio play…Not to mention the relentless signing in and out to get people’s attention.

I do just think MSN was a vehicle for really pissing people off. But every night, without fail (unless I was out with friends), I’d be sat talking to them/video chatting on MSN.

Get out of Myspace

So the bitchy quizzes were just one part of Myspace – not to mention the decorating of your profile and the automatic music that played once you went on someone’s profile as if they just wanted to shove their music taste down your throat. Oh and of course the ‘Top Friends’ arguments that took place if you ever decided you were closer to one person than another.

Myspace was an utter addiction for me in the same way that Twitter is now…it does make you think what might be next.


I think my exploration of Bebo was thankfully fairly brief – it had such a hideous design and I can’t even really remember any of its features. I just remember that a year or so ago I came across my Bebo again and was horrified at my clear lack of care for grammar and punctuation when I was in my early teens. How times change…


I definitely used Livejournal longer than I needed to. I had one in my first year of Uni, and admittedly it was a good place to rant and ‘express my feelings’ (mostly homesickness or the lack of respect of other people that lived in the same halls as me). Livejournal was a cornucopia of drama – and probably still is.
Do you remember using any of these? Or do you have any Internet nostalgia stories to share?


  1. Cherokee

    I remember disabling the nudges on my MSN after years of torture, they were the worst. The one thing I did like is room to have your own gifs and emoticons which was a really cool idea (and one of the only reasons I used MSN until it's demise).

    When I'd blocked my friends from seeing the top friend list, hiding it from view, all you had to do was slightly change the url to see who was in that top 3 which I thought was pretty silly. Like you, I was into MySpace too. I spent hours changing the coding and making it my item private space (yes, with music involved! )

    One of the things I don't like about Facebook is the lack of personality it has; everything seems so clinical. They should really have taken on board the ability to change more stuff on your profile, like MySpace.

    Great post, Cat. And don't get me started on the infuriation of having to disconnect from the Internet when the phone was being used… never again.

  2. Cat Fyson

    Bless you for commenting on my post! Glad you are enjoying the new blog 🙂

    I don't think I knew how to disable nudges, or maybe I did do it after some time, I just remember how annoying they were!

    I vaguely remember being able to add your own gifs and emoticons, didn't you just drag them in to the box or something?

    I definitely do remember that Myspace top friends trick, people thought they could hide their rankings…but they couldn't! I remember the Myspace days being very petty ones if I'm honest, all that teen angst and whatnot. What a loser! But I did enjoy having a funky profile.

    I agree about Facebook, clinical is a really good way of describing it actually! But it does also work for users quite well, in that it's ridiculously easy to navigate and find information you need. Still, it does get a bit dull sometimes.

    I will never, ever miss the days of dial up, it started so many rows in my family! x

  3. Chloe

    Omg! haha MSN & bebo were my life in my teens – not that long ago! 😛 I wish i never really deleted my account – facebook was the new 'in' & everyone was moving over there to start 'afresh'. I met my boyfriend through bebo, so i'm thankful for that to have made me find my current boyfriend 🙂

    msn was the funnest times, I remember signing in & out to get my crush's attention at the time, but he never spoke to me haha 😛 i remember the nudges & emoji's haha so funny, i've still got the convo chats saved on my external hard drive for a laugh down memory lane 😉
    Do you remember the msn robot & ask it random cough*dirty*cough questions aha ? 😛
    My mates had some classic convos 😛

    thanks for reminding me of my internet teenager days 😛

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