I’m Thankful For…

I know Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but I love the idea of having a holiday that allows you to express thanks towards the things you are grateful and happy for.

So, on my commute home today after an admittedly slightly stressful day, I got thinking and made a list of the things I am thankful for at the moment.


I know it’s a typical and cheesy answer, but I truly am incredibly thankful for my family. Although I live away from home, I talk to my Mum every day. Sometimes I moan that it’s a little inconvenient, but I would definitely miss our talks if they stopped.

We often run out of ideas to talk about because we chat every day, but I will always be grateful for how close I am to my Mum especially.


Hold back the vomit buckets, it’s not going to get too soppy. I am very thankful for the (almost) 4 years we have been together now. He makes me laugh, and even when he winds me up he always manages to make me feel better. 
He probably doesn’t believe it, but he’s very good at putting things into perspective and calming me when I get stressed.


Yes, really! This time about 7 months ago I was miserable in my job and having a really hard time. I worked hard and got nothing in return for it but stress. I didn’t fit in, and I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. Applying for new jobs was the best thing I could have done, and now I love my job, love my colleagues and love that satisfaction I get knowing that I am doing something I am passionate about, and good at.
Everyone has bad days from time to time at work, but I am glad to be around the team of people I work with who are great at making those times better!

This Blog

To be more specific, I am thankful for the blogging community in the brilliant #lbloggers chats on Twitter, but also the fact I don’t feel the stress of having to stick to any sort of schedule for this blog – I update it as and when I am inspired to write, and if I go a week without a post, then so be it! I get a lot less page views in a month as many bloggers do in a single day, but this blog has never been and never will be about that. It’s about extending my enjoyment of writing.

Hot chocolate and other such brilliant Winter things

I bloody love winter. Hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows, having the heating on, wearing fluffy socks, scarves and hats. Thank you winter for giving me an excuse to layer up and feel cosy.

What are you thankful for?

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