My blog lived as “more about cat” for near enough five years. I think I stopped liking the name after about three years. Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the name (after all, it summed up the blog and made a lot of sense at the time), but after a while, I just didn’t like it. It didn’t feel like it reflected my ~online brand~.

For those two years that I went on not liking it, I was still creating blog content and enjoying the process and feedback. Having a blog name I didn’t wholeheartedly enjoy didn’t stop me from blogging, but eventually, it made me feel like I was doing it for the sake of it. I was forcing myself to identify with my online space when the reality was that I wanted to change.

So finally, after my recent holiday, I decided to just get on with it – and so began the first step, the process of choosing a new name.

That was actually much easier than I anticipated. I knew I wanted the name to reflect me and my personality, but in a more subtle way than just saying “oh this blog is more about me”. I wanted it to almost be a philosophy of sorts – and so “creatively cat” was born. Sure, people Googling about cats may still land here, but swings and roundabouts, eh?

You can read my introduction post to find out a bit more about why I chose the name (and at some point, I’ll get round to writing my “about” page!).

I had to make sure that I could also use the name for my social handles – the only one I had to compromise with was Instagram as @creativelycat was taken, so I just added a cheeky _ after and problem solved!

“But ~how~ did I go about making the actual switch?” I hear you ask…

Switching domains to “rebrand” your blog

I assumed rebranding with a new domain was going to be this huge endeavour that would cost me a load of money and time. Nope, not at all. It cost me the price of a new domain (£5.99 per year), and £50 for someone much smarter than me to sort out the technical bits. As for time? Less than an hour.

First of all, I contacted my hosting provider and asked them how to go about it. I’m with TSO Host and ~touch wood~ I’ve not had any issues with them thus far. All my domains are hosted with them, so I asked them what the process would be before committing to buying the new domain. It seemed simple enough and that any downtime with my blog would be minimal, so off I went to buy the domain.

As soon as I had the domain, I put a shout out on Twitter to find out if anyone else had been through the process before, and if it was difficult. One or two people recommended I speak to the lovely Phil at Pipdig (my theme is Pipdig as well, so I trust them with anything to do with my blog!).

I popped Pipdig an email to see if they would be able to help, and lo and behold, Phil was able to do all the technical bits for me for just £50. For me, that’s a small price to pay to avoid breaking my blog which would have definitely happened if I tried to do it myself!

After asking a few questions to make sure my emails would be sorted, and that I could change the link structure as well because I hated having the dates in the URL, we arranged a day to make the switch. That way I knew when I needed to jump in and change my banner, and update a few bits in the backend (new social profile links, and changing the meta title and description for my homepage as they include “more about cat”).

The process was so easy, I wish I’d done it sooner! I’m so pleased with the new name and my plans for new content, too! If you’re thinking of changing your domain and renaming your blog, I highly recommend going for it.