How To Promote Your Blog Posts

Promoting blog posts guide

Let’s face it, a lot of us blogger folks want our blog to reach a wider audience.

Whether your aim is direct traffic, more Bloglovin followers or just comments and other direct engagement, then your primary focus should be to promote your content. But how?

Sure, you tweet your posts when they go live, and you share the link to the Bloglovin update (personally this tactic drives me berserk), but what else can you do? Here’s a few tips I’ve found to work both for my own blog, and the posts I do for the company I work for.

Disclaimer: I am not, and do not pretend to be an expert in this, I just wanted to share a few tools and schools of thought that I adapt.

Schedule Updates

Posting a link to your new blog post once on Twitter isn’t going to be enough. If you’re not already using social media management software like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, then you should definitely consider getting one. I use Tweetdeck most of the time, but I also use a nifty feature called Buffer.

Buffer lets you auto-schedule updates based on a predefined timetable (which you can change). What I love most about Buffer is now it will give you stats on the potential reach of your post, as well as the number of retweets, favourites and mentions.

I definitely recommend downloading the Buffer Chrome extension too, which lets you click on the Buffer button on any webpage and generates a tweet with that link and the title of the page (you can edit this text to make it more engaging), and then lets you post it straight away, or Buffer it to your timetable.

Buffer works for Twitter and Facebook (although I’m not sure it works for Facebook pages, just your own personal Facebook – but I may be missing something!), and once you have the Buffer extension on Chrome, a Buffer button is already added directly below the update box on Twitter and Facebook, like so:

Buffer tweet through

When scheduling my updates through Buffer, I will line up a combination of my newest posts to coincide with the more general tweets I post normally through Twitter on a day to day basis – so whilst I’m still promoting my blog, I’m not allowing my Twitter feed to only be made up of these types of posts.

Share Others Bloggers’ Content

Let’s be honest – we all like a pat on the back for a post well done. There are some brill bloggers out there, and their content deserves to be shared. This is why I also like to share the posts which I have enjoyed and often commented on.

Again, I just use the Buffer extension to do this, and auto-schedule posts into my timetable so I’m not tweeting everything all at once. If you’re anything like me, I tend to get through quite a few blog posts over a short period of time, so I’m keen to spread out how I share them so I’m not accused of being spammy!

Buffer App Twitter Sharing

As well as sharing other’s posts over social media, why not mention your favourite posts in a round up? I know a lot of you are doing this already, and I have definitely discovered a few fab blogs this way – but on top of that, you’re also increasing your chances of one of the mentioned bloggers linking back to your post! There you have your potential growth.

Just be sure to let the blogger know you’ve mentioned them, just in case they don’t see the post.


You have to give a little to get a little – I look at blogs every day, but I will only comment on those I can add value or an opinion to, not just ‘great post here’s my link’. No one likes those comments.

Think about the time it takes you to put together a post, and whether you’d appreciate what you are posting to another blogger’s comment section – does it show you’ve really read the post, or that you’ve skimmed it and just want an excuse to link back to your blog?

Bad example of blog comment

Don’t overdo linking back to your site either – I know it’s tempting (particularly as Google now link your profile to your Google+ page a lot of the time), but it really can come across as spammy/try-hard if you’re constantly plugging.

Offer Incentive

I’m not talking about offering giveaways every week here. You should be promoting the reason why people should be following your blog, not just saying “Hey please be my 1000th follower” – why should I? Just so you get a kick? No, I want to know what makes your blog unique – focus on promoting what makes your site different to the next beauty/lifestyle/fashion blog out there.

Make your About Me page interesting, in addition to making your social profile descriptions accurate and reflective of your site – Bloglovin gives you a good opportunity to describe your blog to the masses, so make the most of that.

These are just a few tips to promote your blog successfully – there’s no guarantees, and it takes time to grow your readership (in fact mine is still relatively small, but I am seeing a growth in comment engagement which I love much more than having 400 followers and no comments!).

Any tips to add?

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  1. Meg

    Using Buffer is great. I'll also manually retweet evergreen posts (or dated content that is relevant to new posts), but I never know how much is visibility and how much is self-promotions spam. 🙂

  2. Cat Fyson

    Great idea Meg, the beauty of evergreen is that you can schedule over a long period of time. I think a rule of thumb is generally to balance your own stuff with others.

  3. Angela

    This is a fantastic post, Cat! I haven't looked into scheduling posts or tweets at all, so that's something to think about. I'm starting to do shout-outs more often on Facebook as well as Twitter when I find a post that I really like, so being able to schedule things rather than run the risk of forgetting about them, would be fab!

    Participating in blog hop type events can be pretty good, too, especially if you get in there early and your link/image is in the top two rows.

  4. Cat Fyson

    Thank you so much! That's very sweet, I'm glad it helped.

    Doing shout outs for other bloggers is a lovely thing to do, and showing support will always come back round to you – thank you again for sharing this post by the way!

    I don't really like blog hops personally, I never find blogs that are relevant, but twitter chats definitely bring some great bloggers to follow 🙂

  5. Good Girl Gone Brum

    I know I'm really late to this post but I've found it really helpful! As a new blogger I'm finding it tricky to promote without sounding spammy.

    After reading this I'm definitely going to make more effort to help share other blogs that I really like! And is it just me that finds twitter chats really hard to keep up with?!

  6. Cat Fyson

    I'm even later to replying, how useless of me! It is a hard balance to strike, but putting effort in to joining in the community conversations helps.

    I also need to make more effort to share blogs I like, but it's hard to find the time sometimes! x

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