Some people always like to be around others – but I count myself in the “most of the time I like to be around others, but occasionally I quite like to be by myself” camp. As someone who suffers from anxiety, “me time”, which is free from any other decision than to do do what I want to do, is crucial. Although I do like to get that delicate balance right where I don’t have too much me time and start overthinking everything because nothing else is going on.

Anyway, here’s a few ways to get yo pamper on when you need a little time to yourself…

1. Put your pyjamas on as soon as possible – like, right now. Go, go go! Having a Sunday pamper session? Simply don’t get dressed. PJs are the ultimate comfort clothing.

2. Slather on a face mask. Admittedly, my decision to slap some honey and oats on my face was because my skin seems to be upset with me, but you really don’t need an excuse for a little luxury.

3. Do some colouring. Yeah, yeah I know I harp on about adult colouring, but seriously…all the therapy without the costs.

4. Clip your hair back/up into a messy hive. I honestly feel liberated when my hair is all pushed back and out of the way, even if I do look like an alien.

5. Read, read and read some more. I may not remember the last time I read a ‘proper book’, but comics are perfect pamper time reading. The comic I’m reading at the moment is Thief of Thieves and was created by the same guy behind The Walking Dead…go check it out if you’re a fan!

6. Close the door on anyone and everyone…maybe explain you would like a little headspace first…y’know, without sounding rude. If you deny yourself space, you’ll end up going crazy and probably shouting at someone you care about (or is that just me?) so don’t be afraid to be truthful and hibernate for a bit.

7. Wrap up in a dressing gown/in your duvet/in a chunky jumper and feel all of the cosies in the world. After all, it’s pretty damn cold outside.

8. Tidy up. OK, hear me out. Being organised is so therapeutic I swear. Clear out your wardrobe, tidy your desk…whatever it takes. You’ll feel so much better for it.

9. Binge Netflix. But instead of watching Making A Murderer and fangirling after the attorneys, opt for something funny as hell that will keep a smile on your face. Personally, for me, The League is my number one choice for lols.

10. Blog, or fall into a Youtube spiral. Whatever makes you happy. Close down Twitter, Facebook and all the rest and just type to your heart’s content or watch videos of cats. Whatever floats your boat. Maybe do both. Yeah, do both.