How To Make A DIY Kryptonite Costume

Easy DIY Kryptonite Costume
Full disclaimer guys, I’m not a big fan of Superman. I’m more of a Batman fan. Still, Liam had the bright idea that for Halloween this year, he would dress as Supes, and I would of course dress up as Kryptonite. It just had to be done really, didn’t it?
I used this great video as inspiration to make my costume, but I wanted to share a more step-by-step process in case anyone else was interested in making a fool out of themselves. The best thing about this costume, other than how bitchin’ it looks, is that it cost me significantly less than a shop bought Halloween costume and was way more fun to wear.

DIY Kryptonite Costume

Kryptonite costume materials


You will need:

  • 2 pieces of light green A1 sized card (about £1 per piece of card)
  • Green ribbon (£2)
  • A pencil (Free because everyone has a pencil lying around)
  • Scissors (as above)
  • Sellotape
  • Green tights (£3 from fancy dress shop)
  • Green wig (£1 from Poundland)
  • An outfit to wear underneath (I opted for a black top and black skirt but you may be able to find some green clothing to fully co-ordinate!)


Kryptonite shape with card
The first thing I did was draw out the Kryptonite crystals onto one of the lighter green pieces of card. There’s no real trick to this, just go with the flow.
Once you’ve drawn the shape onto one of the pieces, line up the other light green piece behind it (fasten it in place with a paperclip or something if you like), so you can cut the same shape onto both pieces. This will be the front and back parts of the costume.
DIY halloween costume using card
Carefully cut around the shape, keeping the two pieces of card together so that the shape on both is as similar as possible. Still, no biggy if it isn’t.
Next, you’ll want to use the other darker green card to cut out triangles that will be stuck to the back of each piece to create the variation in shades.
Kryptonite template
Once you’ve positioned the darker shards where you want them, stick them onto the side of the main shape which won’t be showing. I just used sellotape, but you may have some craft glue or similar to stick it down.
Tip: Leave some space between a few crystals where you have no shards – this makes it easier to tell where the top will be and will ensure you don’t have pointy card attacking your face all evening.
Now, you need to do the same for the second piece so you now have your front and back.
Next up, pierce a hole in two of the crystals at the top (for the front and back piece)- you can then thread the ribbon through these to bound the two pieces together like a sandwich board. This can then go over your head easily to wear it.
I ended up having to tape down the ribbon onto my shoulders as well, but you may not need to do this if you don’t leave too much slack for the ribbon.
Finally, add your green wig and tights, and get ready for a showdown…
Superman and Kryptonite couples costumes

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