What I Learnt From Hosting My First Blab

How to host a Blab chat

On Wednesday night, I hosted the first #BloggingBlab, a Blab for bloggers to chat all things bloggy. You can read more about it here.

For a little context if you don’t know about Blab, it’s a live stream chat platform like Periscope, but up to 4 people can go on video. It’s pretty fun! I’d taken part in a few Blab’s for Liam’s podcast project Nerd On Nerd, but I’d never been a host before. So, in the spirit of trying new things and taking me a little bit out of my comfort zone, I decided to set up my own. I was joined by Eleanor who was kind enough to co-host with me, so we muddled through it together!

Below are the details of the next #BloggingBlab if you wish to subscribe – then we’ll crack on with the tips!

The next #BloggingBlab

I’m super excited to announce that the next #BloggingBlab will be the same time as last week – Wednesday 8pm – 9pm UK time. The topic will be ‘The Blogging Community’ – but will likely end up being a natter about all things blogging!


If you’d like to be a co-host, pop me a tweet (@moreaboutcat) Hopefully see you there! 🙂

Tips on how to host a Blab

Promote, promote and promote some more!

Just the same as sharing your latest blog post or Youtube video, the key to getting people involved in your Blab is to promote it as much as you can (within reason, of course). I mostly promoted mine on Twitter to my own followers, and I also shared it on a few blogger Facebook groups too.

On top of that, I wrote a blog post about it to introduce people to what Blab is, and what the chat would involve. On reflection, I wish I’d done more ‘personable’ promotion, where I approached people I’d love to have involved in it on a more direct level.

Invite someone else to host with you

I knew straight away when I came up with the idea to do a Blab that I wanted a co-host so that I knew I wouldn’t be the only one on video! People can be quite shy, and I think a Blab is at its best when there’s at least 2 people on video chatting and reacting/responding to the text chat.

Be prepared to concentrate, hard!

Speaking of the text chat, it’s pretty hard to follow even if it’s not particularly active. You may be chatting away about one topic and not see that someone has asked a question about something you’ve said, and by the time you’ve seen it you’ve already gone off on at least three tangents. I did my best to go back to the questions so that the text chatters felt involved!

Figure out how to record before you get started

I made the mistake of only finding out how to record the Blab when it as too late – once it had finished. I’m quite gutted as I wanted to share it here as I think you guys would enjoy it, and it would perhaps entice you to get involved in next weeks. Still, I now know how to do it and look forward to sharing future Blab’s here!

Test equipment before you get started, too

Test your webcam and microphone before starting your Blab – I did this by inviting my co-host to join just before the chat was due to start. We could hear and see each other fine thankfully, but you never know! Better safe than sorry.

Welcome people who join – and find out their name!

It might go without saying, but as people join the chat you might miss it, so try keep an eye on the text chat as much as you can. There’s an option to click a button that automatically leaves a text message welcoming them, which is much easier than typing out the message yourself! If their Blab/Twitter handle doesn’t clearly indicate their name, it’s well worth asking for it as it means you won’t have to refer to them by their handle whenever you interact with them.

Thank your listeners at the end

Whether they are people who have stumbled across your Blab, or you specifically invited them, be sure to thank them for stopping by when the Blab draws to a close. If you know when you’re going to Blab next, be sure to share this info with them in case they want to see you again!


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  1. Katie

    This sounds like a really interesting kind of chat. I spotted your notice last week, but was working that evening unfortunately! Will try and pop in tonight though.

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      Cat Fyson

      Not sure if you made it as I struggled to keep up with the text chat, but hope you enjoyed it if you did! 🙂 x

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