How I Kill Time On The Commute

Since starting my new job as a content marketer, I have been waking up at 6:30am, getting ready and getting the train at 7:30am. Despite loving this job, it has been a struggle – in my last position I could sleep in until 9am and still get to work on time!
The main problem with the early start isn’t the getting up part. It’s the sitting on the train with not-at-all-optimal temperatures (does anyone else find the train too hot when it’s cold out, and freezing when it’s even slightly warm out?). Other than college, this is my first ‘proper’ commute, and it’s really not ideal. In fact, it’s downright boring, and so I have come up with a few things to kill the time.

Entertainment from my iPad
When I first got my iPad I wasn’t entirely sure I would find sufficient use for it. I’m glad I convinced myself otherwise as it has been endlessly useful for killing time to and from work. Whether I am reading a book on iBooks (I’ve taken to downloading free classics and crime books or paying for books I really want to read), or I am playing addictive games like Tiny Towers or Injustice (both of which I highly recommend!), the iPad is an amazing time killer. I imagine the Kindle or other equivalents are just as good, but my iPad is like an extra limb now.
It’s especially useful for when you are waiting at the platform if a train has been delayed!

Planning on my laptop
With work, we are required to carry our laptops in, and home again every day. They are heavy, and I won’t lie by saying it isn’t a pain, but by always having a laptop with me, I can write and plan blog posts (I’m typing this on a Monday evening on the way home!), or I can meal plan for our food shop. This always manages to kill the most time quicker than anything else, and considering the fact I write for a living, I still find the energy to continue writing after a long day.

Keeping up to date with my phone
Unfortunately I can’t easily access wifi on my laptop or iPad without tethering which eats away at my phone’s data – so, I use my phone to read my emails (mostly promotional emails from Dorothy Perkins and Groupon…), or I check my Facebook and Twitter streams. This gets pretty boring really quickly though as not many people will have updated their status between 6am-8am in the morning!

Catching up on some z’s.
Yep. I’ve become one of those people who drifts off to sleep on the train. I just hope I don’t snore… it started just the other day when I fell asleep on the way in to work and almost missed my stop. I did feel a little bit more awake during the day at work though, so I think I might keep it up! I definitely recommend setting an alarm to wake you up when you’re near your stop – this becomes easier over time once you realise the times you are expected to arrive at your destination!
How do you kill time when you’re commuting to and from work?

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  1. Beth

    I'm glad someone else's inbox is inundated by Dorothy Perkins and Groupon too! I drive to work so don't have a train commute, but I would imagine that my Kindle would be a life saver if I did have to commute 🙂 x

  2. Cat Fyson

    I don't know why I don't just unsubscribe, I never use Groupon and I always look on the DP website anyway!

    I wish I could drive, my commute would be cut by over half, but I have never had a single day though 🙂 x

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