MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE, YOU GUYS! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! This will be my last post before signing off to eat too many mince pies and pigs in blankets so I’ll see you on the other side…

Every year I like to think about my hopes for blogging in the following year. I try and cast predictions on how the blogging community and industry will change (usually for the better), just for the lols.

I looked back at my old predictions to discover that I’ve been doing this since 2014(!), which is pretty mad and something I’d like to keep doing for as long as my ramblings exist on the interwebs.

Before diving into my hopes for next year, I look back at the predictions I made for this year to see if I truly am Mystic Meg or whether I’m just full of shit…

A wider variety of topics

My first hope/prediction for this year was to see a wider variety of topics being covered in the blogging community, particularly around current affairs and real stories to feel more in touch with the world.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen this happen. Maybe I run in the “wrong” circles, but although I have read some fantastic content this year on all sorts of different subjects, this feels like it should have been the year of more real talk. Given what’s going on in the world, I hoped to gain a grander understanding of people’s experiences through a medium that I engage most with – blogging.

No one’s hand can be forced to write about deeper matters, but I am hopeful that the blogging community, myself included, have the courage to speak louder about things in 2018.

No more bad SEO’s!

Well I always knew this was going to be an optimistic one. I had hoped that 2017 would be a year of less shitty outreach emails in my inbox and in the inboxes of my fellow blogging comrades.

Alas, I think in many ways it has actually got worse.

However, bloggers and other influencers do appear to have been more vocal this year on calling out bad SEO’s/PR’s who were trying to get something for nothing…long may that continue! I’m determined that there will be a day when any and all bloggers make it known that no, you can’t have our platform for free or for piss-poor “reward”. Exposure is not a currency.

Even more blogger businesses

Back in 2015, I hoped that more bloggers would start their own businesses in 2016. They did. In 2016 I hoped that more would take that leap in 2017. They did. I did.

Although my hopes were more focused around the amazing creative talents of bloggers selling physical products, it fills me with pride that I, and several others, have used our skills as writers to become our own boss.

It seems on a weekly basis now I am seeing news pop up on Twitter that another blogger has become self-employed, doing what they’ve dreamed of…whether that’s blogging full time, setting up an Etsy shop or offering digital marketing services like I do.

Y’all should be proud. I know I am.

How blogging should change in 2018

So now for the hopes for next year! 2018 just seems so…futuristic, doesn’t it?

I think my overall hope for blogging in 2018 is that it continues to grow, paving way for newer creators. Providing a platform for new voices to be heard and respected.

In an ideal world, I’d love for the blogging community to become more inclusive of these new voices – to be willing and ready to hear them. To be mindful and respectful. To eradicate the drama and understand that opinions are not facts. But then again, this new mentality is definitely not exclusive to bloggers.

Could the whole world just remember that? Opinions and facts – they’re different.

Before I go off on a ranty tangent, here’s three more specific hopes I have for the world of blogging in 2018.

More community spirit

In line with the above, I am hopeful that in 2018 we will go that extra mile to shout out about fellow bloggers, supporting smaller creators and those that deserve more of the limelight.

We have started to see this already on Instagram, with bloggers fighting back against the algorithm by sharing accounts to follow on their Story. I love this, and have been taking part in spreading the word of those that are in a similar position to me where they work hard on their grid but are stuck on under 1k followers.

Whilst my influence is pretty low, I’ve had lovely messages from bloggers who have been thankful for the promotion, and I have also been lucky enough to be on the receiving end too.

Let’s make 2018 the year that we support each other as much as possible, taking the time to share the content we like by the creators we love.

A contrast in content styles

Over the past few months I’ve seen an interesting shift where some big bloggers are creating more long-form content. Posts of well over 1,000 words with plenty of stylised images to match.

Other big bloggers are going the completely opposite way, opting for shorter and snappier life update type content. Something you can read in just a few minutes, instead of pouring over whilst sipping on a cup of tea.

Personally, I have no preference. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a nice long read on an interesting topic, other times I just want to read a short post about a new fashion buy.

In 2018, I imagine this is going to continue. I’m not sure if one particular form will come out on top, but I’m excited to see a good mix in content style!

Less regimented schedules

I genuinely think daily blogging might be a thing of the past, you guys. In fact, the new in vogue things seems to be to go several days without blogging! Shocker, I know.

I’m all for it, because daily blogging must be exhausting and may not necessarily result in your best content. I hope in 2018, bloggers take breaks when they need them, and don’t feel the pressure to always be 100% consistent. You aren’t going to lose a load of followers if you don’t post for a few days (lol unless we’re talking about Insta, am I right?!).

Create content when you feel ready, and you’ll produce the best results. Simple as. Let’s make that our philosophy in the new year, shall we?

So, what do you think? How do you feel blogging changed in 2017, and what are your hopes for 2018?