How I Hope Blogging Will Change In 2015

Blogging in 2015

Around this time last year, I wrote a post all about how I hoped blogging would change in 2014. It wasn’t negative, it was really more about how I hoped it would grow in some areas, and shift in others.

I’m glad to say that there has, on the most part, been less sponsored posts (and more integrity and honesty in those that are sponsored), more lifestyle posts, more engagement and even more Twitter chats! I’m not sure if technology has got any more affordable, but I have definitely seen photography levels improving on the blogs I read this year. I for one have definitely expanded my skills thanks to a workshop back in the summer.

Anyway, I thought I’d reflect on what would be great to see happening next year. As before, this isn’t a dig at the community as it is, it’s more hopes for how it will expand and develop!

More vlogging

This is a bit controversial, because I know vlogging has pretty much exploded this year with Zoella’s success. However, I want to see more vlogs cropping up that aren’t about fashion or beauty, but are about lifestyle and other topics that are more interesting to me personally. I want to see recipe videos, discussions on things that are important and meaningful to the vlogger…really what I want is a reason for me, personally, to press subscribe.

I also would like 2015 to be the year that I dip my toes in to the vlog waters. I have the kit, but not the time at the moment!

Even more lifestyle

Yep! I want to see the balance evening out for lifestyle blogs vs. beauty blogs in particular. I think it’s happening a bit already, as many beauty bloggers are beginning to embrace lifestyle posts more. However, my beauty posts are amongst some of my best performing posts, particularly *this one* for some reason. I am hoping lifestyle posts will get more attention moving forwards.

Better opportunities

The good thing about blogging is that it allows us to partner with some great brands in exciting campaigns – or at least it does if you have a large readership and social following. This makes a lot of sense to me, as someone who works in marketing, but what I want to see in 2015 is a reduction in the crappy emails that many of us get which demand a lot from us for little, or no return. Bloggers are not to be taken advantage of!

More honesty

What I mean by this is that I want to see more of the brilliant posts which are frank and open. They aren’t all about portraying that perfect life that we deep down know is not how it really is. I want to see even more relatable posts (and I aim to write some too!), which inspire and motivate us to keep doing what we do, and make us feel normal for feeling what we feel.

So there we have it! What do you think? How should blogging change in 2015?

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  1. Sarah

    Yes, other than the vlogging (which is just a personal thing – I find vlogs too slow to hold my interest), I agree with all of these. In fact, I can't think of anything I would add…

  2. Cat Fyson

    At the moment I totally agree about vlogging…I want to see vloggers using their power/audience to talk about more interesting things! x

  3. duck in a dress

    I've got 'make a vlog' on my 33 before 33 list but I promise I'm only going to make one which is about 3 minutes (if that) long – possibly not even long enough to call it a real vlog. I agree with all of these, especially the honesty one, you're right, life can be great but it can also be pretty crappy too and the likelihood is that often we're all going through the same crappy things. xx

  4. Cat Fyson

    Ohhh let me know when your vlog is live as I'd love to check it out 🙂 I love reading the posts I can relate to when everything isn't all fun and games. Makes you feel more 'normal' I guess xx

  5. Emma Luxton

    I definitely agree with the last one, I like posts that I can connect to and also help me feel closer to the writer, it just makes blogging more personal.
    Not being able to sleep is one of the worst things because it becomes a cycle of not sleeping, being so tired, not sleeping etc. I dread getting into the cycle, luckily I always manage to get myself out after a week or so of not sleeping, but that week is absolute hell. So i feel for you. I hope sleep happens soon if you're still struggling.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  6. Cat Fyson

    Couldn't agree more! 🙂

    The sleeping is getting a bit better now… I think because I can afford to go to bed a bit later than usual and not worry about having to get up early for work. That will change next week though! x

  7. The Blossom Cart

    I totally agree with this! I would love to see more lifestyle vlogs and blog posts. I think I need to try out some more lifestyle posts myself!

    Great post 🙂

    Sarah at

  8. Leanne Winters

    I like your goals! I think that lifestyle posts would be really fun for vlogging. I dont watch youtube videos but i would if it was about something fun and relatable as you say x

  9. Emma Farley

    I think vlogging is really taking over the blogging world and that in the next few years there will just be this little niche for those of us who prefer photography and the written word. I find watching vlogs too much of an investment of my time but watch a lot of the channels the boyfriend follows. I just have no interest in doing that myself – you might have noticed that there are very few photos of me on my blog!

  10. Cat Fyson

    I hope this niche forms, as part of the reason I want to see more vlogging is just to find something that appeals to me as much as the written word. I used to watch a few channels on Youtube, and do occasionally dip into Sourcefed for geeky news goodness and their Table Talk videos, but otherwise Youtube is just a portal of music videos for me!

    Seeing as I don't currently see what I'd like on Youtube, this is the little nagging push for me to get involved and create what I'd want to consume. But we'll see…it seems a lot of admin.

    I am trying to make my blog more personable first though, I think.

  11. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I completely agree – I think that there are hundreds of vlogs that will be discovered. I do find a lot of them quite dull and repetitive though. I'm also in a situation where I can't vlog due to my job so I'd be pretty rubbish at that.

    Lizzie Dripping

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