How I Hope Blogging Will Change In 2014

Recently, six out of ten mag posted a predictions for bloggers in 2014 which I wholeheartedly agreed with. It’s rare for me to resonate and relate so much to these sorts of posts, considering how engrained I am into the community (in the sense that I follow and read over 100 blogs, and get involved in several Twitter chats on a semi-regular basis).

I decided to share my own thoughts on how I hope blogging will change next year. This is just my opinion and is by no means an attack on the blogging community because by in large you guys rock.

Less sponsored posts

I understand that some bloggers make a living off of being paid to write or share content from brands, and I’m not demanding it all stops, I just think there are too many sponsored posts out there that are not even related to the rest of the blog content, or it’s very clearly not a true reflection of the blogger’s thoughts. There’s almost always an ever so slight tone change in sponsored posts which turns me off straight away.
I have read some good sponsored posts before, that are not just bigging up the product/brand, but these seem few and far between which is a real shame.

More lifestyle posts

As a lifestyle blogger, I am naturally going to want to see more lifestyle posts – my favourite stuff to read are posts like weekly round ups, days out and those posts that aren’t just image heavy with no story to them.
I am pretty fussy about the blogs that I follow, and I like to find those that have a good mix of content – so here’s hoping there will be more to find in 2014!

Even more engagement

A lot of us struggle to find time to comment on each other’s posts, even if we really enjoy and appreciate the effort that goes into writing them. I’m hoping in 2014 we will all find more time for each other, whether it’s promoting  a fellow blogger’s post on Twitter because we enjoyed it so much, or finding the time to write a comment more insightful than ‘Great post!’. I tend to send those sorts of comments to spam, because I much prefer input that adds value.

Twitter chit chat

As I said before, I try to get involved in some of the twitter chats where I can, and I really do love them. They’re great for finding new bloggers to follow. In 2014, I’d like to see the growth of more of these chats, as well as some more interesting topics than those that always crop up such as PR opportunities.

Affordable technology

This may be really wishful thinking, but I’d like to see DSLR’s become cheaper, or mobile and other digital photography equipment improve and be affordable to all bloggers – many of us will likely admit that we are put off by poor quality pictures. I imagine people are put off by my lack of more visually stunning photos, but alas – a poorly lit flat and a bridge camera do not a visual masterpiece make.

Do you have any views or ideas on how blogging should change next year? 

Image from Christmas Stock Photos via Creative Commons

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  1. Rachael

    I'd like there to be more comments like you mentioned. There's been a drastic decrease in the amount of comments I see on blogs these days since I started blogging in 2009, probably because there are more blogs out there that it's more spread out, who knows! It's nice to spread the commenting love and i've made a lot more effort in the last month to make decent comments on blogs.

    I hope that there is more engagement and promotion by sites like bloglovin for the smaller blog. I get a little sick of the same old same old big bloggers getting all the attention when there is some worthy smaller blogs that perhaps I find more interesting.

    Lastly, while I love blog chats, I wish they would tame it down in some of the comments about how you blog needs to be like this, this and this. People say there's a big blogging community but we're all so eager to criticise each other, it doesn't sit pretty with me at times.

  2. Cat Fyson

    Thanks for your comment hun, I think a comment is a lovely gesture and I'm pleased you took the time to leave a proper one too! 🙂

    I completely agree about bloglovin and similar sites giving attention to the blogs that are already 'big' – there does need to be a shift to give the smaller more indie blogs attention.

    Again I definitely agree about the blog chats – I know I have a go a bit about sponsored posts but generally the message I like to share in those chats is that it's your blog so do what you like! x

  3. Milly Youngman

    Definitely agree with you on the comments – I definitely think my content has improved, but engagement feels like it's gone down – which bothers me! I'm trying to make more of a conscious effort to comment on more blog posts myself for definite. 🙂

  4. Cat Fyson

    I know how you feel about lack of engagement – I think bloggers feel so much pressure to keep their own blog updated that they forget or don't find time to comment on other blogs. I'm definitely guilty of it at times!

  5. Debra Bros

    I 100% agree with this post. Especially with the section on sponsored posts.I mean I totally understand the wanting to make money or whatever the aim is behind the post but they usually look so tacky and you can tell that it really has changed the opinion (because they get paid) of the writer. Although I should point out I'm not picking on all bloggers here either.

    For this next year coming up I hope there's more support for newer bloggers, more networking and just generally more contact between bloggers, we're all friends here!

    Love the idea behind this post 🙂


  6. Cat Fyson

    Thanks for your comment hun. I agree, I do understand that people make money from their blog, but you can still keep integrity whilst doing it.

    I agree that newer and smaller bloggers should get more support and advice, which is why I think the twitter chats have so much potential when they aren't just harping on about photography and PR opps. I'm also hoping for more localised blogger meet ups for those like me that can't easily access London!

    Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  7. natalie

    Interesting suggestions.
    I have to agree about the sponsored posts and would go so far as to say I just click away and don't bother reading at all so while my visit counts as a hit on Google Analytics, I haven't actually read the blogpost!
    I used to worry about commenting, in which I see a definite decline, but I find that if I as a question on the blog, people respond on Twitter and although it's not a numerical count, it's a so much quicker to respond and follow up, so I've pretty much stopped thinking about comments as a measurement of engagement.

  8. Lauren Hay

    agree to this so much! i love reading liftstyle posts especially when it's days out! It's nice to see how people will spend there days outs.
    And I get what you mean about the twitter chats! It can be so hard to keep up with them all since there is so many. It would definitely be great to see these chitchats evolve into something bigger and possibly, slightly more organised!
    I hope comments get a bit more engaging. I love getting comments on posts. I always try to respond to them unless it's spam ones. It's also nice when people actually come back when you've responded to there comment and carry on the conversation! I feel like a lot of the time people just comment to promote their own blog, which is ashame.
    I read the comment about meet ups too! Living literally about 400 from London, theres a very slim chance I will ever go to a meet up in London! I would love to see more localised meet ups and I was over the moon when I found a fellow blogger that has moved up near my home town for uni! It's so lovely to find local bloggers!
    Have a great christmas btw! 🙂

  9. Cat Fyson

    Hey, sorry for the delay in response! I will read a sponsored post if its an interesting one – but so often its the same product on multiple blogs so you can sniff the paid for element a mile away!

    I do love getting comments, but it is difficult to follow up on every conversation of every blog I comment on, so I can see why people prefer just to communicate on Twitter.

  10. Cat Fyson

    I love a good days out post – so much fun to read 🙂 and good recommendations of places to visit!

    The #lbloggers chat has definitely got a bit too speedy for me at times, I follow the hashtag on Tweetdeck so it has a dedicated column, and it's still a struggle but I still love being involved.

    I just posted a response above about comments – I always try to respond too, luckily I don't seem to get spam here (probably not popular enough!). It is nice when people respond to your response, but it is pretty hard to keep track when you comment on a fair few posts.

    You live much further than London than I do, so I feel a little lazy…but it's the cost as well of getting there and finding somewhere to stay so you don't have to disappear early! I think once my blog is a bit 'bigger' I may consider sorting my own meet up 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas too! x

  11. Angela

    I'd like to see more engagement…the Yanks call it "building a community" but it is so hard to do!! Perhaps controversially, I'd like to see less giveaways. It seems that every blog is running non-stop giveaways these days. Maybe it was a pre-Christmas run-up thing, but I'd like to see more actual posts.

  12. Cat Fyson

    We call it that in the marketing industry too, and it definitely applies – but I agree it is difficult and certainly takes work. I agree about the giveaways – I wouldn't mind so much if it's a review and a giveaway, but even that gets boring.

  13. Chloe

    I'm a little late but I agree with everything you have written 🙂 I'd love to see more people commenting or tweeting the blogger about you 'loving their recent post' as I do genuinely love making smile 🙂 plus it makes my day to see someone who has commented on a post that I've written too 🙂 I'm making it my mission to comment on as many blog posts that come up on my feed 🙂

    I'm not really fussed over sponsored posts – I've only done about 2 or 3, but I'm not particularly interested in sponsored contents :/ I just blog about my love of beauty findings, life & clothes that I have found to love 🙂 my blog is really just a hobby 🙂

    I love a lifestyle post(s), I'm really nosy, I must admit haha & love finding out what a blogger has been upto that day or week 🙂 plus it gives me ideas on where to go if it's local or in driving range 🙂 plus a mini break away with my other half 🙂

    I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing 🙂

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