How Blogging Has Paved My ‘Career’

For some reason, at 25, I still feel the need to put ‘career’ in inverted commas (see, I did it again).

Perhaps it’s a bit big-headed to assume I even have a foot on a rung of the ladder, or more likely it’s a slight hesitation to assume I will always work in the same industry (even though I love it right now). One day I might throw in the marketing towel and pick up something else, but for now I can safely say that without this here ol’ blog, I probably wouldn’t even be working in marketing in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I did the whole Uni thing (Journalism with Media if you’re asking), but I know many people in the industry that didn’t bother with Uni and have still seen a lot of success.

The past 3 jobs I have had have been in the digital marketing field – from blogging and tweeting about theatre (amongst other more traditional marketing, mind), then on to content marketing at a digital agency, and now dealing with multiple web projects for a global kitchen appliance company.

Three roles that are very different, but all have one clear thing in common – when being interviewed, the employers’ faces lit up at the mention of “I write a blog”.

I actually mention my blog on my CV. I think it’s silly not to, really. Not unless your blog is very personal or you have your own reasons not to.

Despite the existence of my blog being in black and white on the first piece of paper an employer will see about me, I still bring it up in any interview as it demonstrates so many positive skills – organisation, writing, editing, photography. Not to mention the equally positive passion and enthusiasm towards something. Nothing turns an employer off more than someone who doesn’t seem to have an interest in anything.

You can tie the work that you do on your blog into so many of the “typical” job interview questions such as:

“What are your strengths?” – “I am able to plan, create and promote my blog posts amongst the community, and build relationships with other bloggers as well as brands. This shows my ability to organise and prioritise, come up with new ideas, and also network with people well”

(Ok, so maybe this is a bit of an all-consuming answer, but the point is that you can pick and choose a key skill and tie it in to how you have utilised it with your blog – simple as that!).

Even if you are not specifically applying for a role which involves blogging, I am a big advocate of showing off your transferable skills. I definitely recommend that when applying for any job, to think about how you can bring your blog into the application and/or interview.

Did you get your job thanks to your blog? Or have you resisted from mentioning it? Let me know in the comments!

P.S.: Terri Lowe has recently written on this topic which acted as inspiration for this post, so check out her thoughts here!

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  1. Jennifer Polly

    I work in content marketing currently and despite having no experience in the field got it thanks to my blog! I think it shows enthusiasm and you gain experience without even realising 🙂

  2. Cat Fyson

    That's awesome! Content marketing is a lot of fun. I couldn't agree more – bloggers are a very enthusiastic bunch, otherwise we wouldn't keep doing what we do!

  3. Catarina Ramos Pinto

    I love your post and I am proud of you for talking about your blog to your possible future employers with such joy and passion. Keep on going!

    Always with love. xx

    Catarina //

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