OK guys – 0/10 for my creative photography efforts here. I knew I was planning on a health post, and I needed a glass of water. Two birds, one stone.

And yes, that is a chip you can see in the glass (can anyone say “And you call yourself a blogger?!”)

Anyway – today I wanted to write a post about a new incentive I’m getting involved in to help to encourage my new, better eating habits.

#HealthySelves (on Twitter and Instagram) is a small group of bloggers, including myself, who are trying to improve our physical and mental well-being. The timing for me couldn’t be better – as I am thinking about my summer health goals, and tracking my calories again on MyFitnessPal (although this weekend is a total BBQ gorge fest, to be made up for in the week!).

I encourage you to get involved if you too are looking to be healthier. The more the merrier!

Simply use the hashtag on Twitter or IG (feel free to follow me on either, my username for both is moreaboutcat). I definitely recommend signing up to MFP too as it has helped stop me from over-indulging in tasty, tasty calories!

To read up more about #HealthySelves , the lovely Beauty In Beta has written a fab post about her reasons for starting her journey – go check it out!

EDIT: There is going to be a #HealthySelves chat starting on Monday 23 June! Join us on Twitter 8-9pm UK time. Plus, on Monday 30th I will be hosting! Topic yet to be decided…so feel free to comment with your ideas!

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