#HealthySelves Update #1

You can read about #HealthySelves here.
So the first week or so of #healthyselves has not gone entirely smoothly. A BBQ filled weekend last week, and a Chinese takeaway last night is not exactly the health plan I had in mind.
However, let’s focus on the positives. I’m definitely doing more exercise by working out to Hip Hop Abs, and I haven’t had chocolate in a few weeks now (big deal for this addict!). I’ve even managed to avoid tucking into the treats colleagues bring in during the week.
The best thing, I think, is that I haven’t felt like I’m torturing myself – whilst I did have a day where I felt hungry a lot, I didn’t turn to the usual unhealthy foods such as crisps, biscuits and chocolate. Instead, I ended up having a late night bowl of cereal, which helped much more.
I’ve also found lately that my body isn’t craving sugar as much as it was before – if I didn’t eat for a few hours and I got hungry, I would usually get the shakes and end up being moody because I felt like hell. At the moment, when I’m hungry my stomach just grumbles a lot. Much easier to deal with.

Moving forward, I definitely need to focus less on weighing myself. I said from the beginning I wasn’t going to be obsessing over every pound, but sometimes it’s hard to stay away from the scales. Now I need to make sure I am only weighing myself once a week at the most, as I’m bound to see more of a positive difference this way.

Any other #HealthySelves bloggers out there? Let me know how you’re getting on!

NOTE: I am hosting #HealthySelves over on Twitter Monday night at 8pm – follow the hashtag and get involved! The topic is ‘getting back on track after losing motivation’, so come along and share your tips!

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  1. Toni C

    I did well for the first half of the week but the second half has been a bit naughty! I've stuck to my exercising though – baby steps I I guess!

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